Money can be a difficult topic to discuss. Depending on how you were raised, your views around earning and using your money can either propel you towards greater wealth, or drastically hold you back. I truly believe that women earning significant income so they can recirculate money back into family, church and community is the most effective way to bring about change in the world. So I am committed to helping as many women as possible earn big so they can give big!



Over the years, I have worked with various female entrepreneurs who are killing it in their business and earning a significant income, yet still struggling to make ends meet. I’ve seen a trend among these women and their thinking when it comes to money. They regularly sabotage themselves and don’t handle their money wisely. These women have several misconceptions when it comes to money and it is holding them back from building a thriving business and truly making change in the world.


Misconceptions about money that could be sabotaging you.


Money is the root of all evil.

This regularly misquoted Bible verse is thrown around like confetti! The actual verse says THE LOVE of money is the root of all evil. When money becomes an idol in your life, every evil thing flows from there. However, money itself is amoral, and when in the hands of wise people, can be used for incredible good.


Money isn’t important.

Money is a necessity. Without it, you can’t live. You can act as though money is not all that important in life, but when you consider the requirements of daily living, it is absolutely a crucial piece of the puzzle. Wealth opens doors for you to give generously and make change in bigger ways. It isn’t the most important thing, but it is an important thing.


Having more money than you need means you are greedy.

I used to think this about several people we knew growing up. However, I’ve learned that significant wealth in the right hands can do incredible things for communities. Wealthy people can absolutely be greedy, but they can also be incredibly philanthropic. The heart is what is so important here. If you are someone who is able to detach yourself, your worth, and your happiness from money, then you will be able to live in wealth without falling into greed.


Money doesn’t grow on trees.

This scarcity type of mindset really communicates defeat. It resigns itself to thinking that there won’t be enough. While money doesn’t grow on trees, there are always new ways to earn money. Focusing on what is possible, and never feeling like there won’t be enough, or there won’t be a way, is critical to maintaining a healthy relationship with money.


If you’ve struggled with an unhealthy money mindset in the past, I recommend you work on reshaping that mindset so you can earn significant wealth to bless others. Money in the right hands can do immeasurable good. The women I am fortunate enough to work with are the types of women who will truly change the world by earning significant incomes. That is why I am so committed to helping them do just that!


If you would like to work with me through my business mentorship programs, the first step is setting up a FREE 20 minute consult. During our time together we will both be able to assess whether a working relationship will be a good fit, and then make a plan for moving forward. If you are a female entrepreneur who is serious about earning significant income and doing good, then I would love to work with you. Schedule your consult here!