I’ve talked a good bit about the power of live video and how to overcome your fear of going live in previous posts. However, you may be thinking, “what should I do once I am ready to face my fear and go live?” While the content you cover should be specific to your audience and their pain points, there are three things everyone should include in every live video they broadcast.  

Before we dive into those three things, here are a few basic best practices to keep in mind while going live.

Live Video Best Practices               

Be prepared. Plan your content in advance and use notes to keep you on track. I use the notes app on my computer and literally go through them point by point every time I go live. I rarely ever wing it, and when I do, it doesn't go well.

Let people know when you will be live. First, it’s okay if people don’t tune in right away, or at all. Many will watch the replay, so don’t stress. However, if you can, give people a heads up about when you will be live by posting on FB and IG with a teaser and a link to your page.

Ask for interaction. During your broadcast you will get more algorithm love if people are interacting. This lets the FB people know there is some kind of value in what you are sharing. So, ask people to comment and give you a thumbs up. I often ask people to give me a thumbs up if they can hear me, then will ask generic questions people can easily answer. Just FYI...there is a delay on live video, so don’t just move on when you ask a question...you can even reiterate a few seconds later to get a bit more engagement!
Keep it short. Time is the most precious commodity people have. Keep your videos packed with info and as short as possible. 5-10 minutes is an ideal length of time.

3 Things You Should Include in Every Live Video

Elevator pitch

Your elevator pitch is a quick summary of what you do and who you serve. This should be included at the beginning of every live video because it lets your audience know who you’re speaking to and what you have to offer them. This may seem silly if you are broadcasting live to your friends and family. However, you want to provide viewers with content that is shareable and helpful beyond your inner circle, which means doing an elevator pitch at the start of each video will be helpful to those watching your videos through social shares.  Plus, if you get in the habit when starting out, you will be in the habit when your audience grows and new people tune in regularly.

3-5 Valuable points related to your topic

Remember, each needs to provide value for your viewers. Be sure to share 3-5 helpful tips, tricks or pieces of information in every live video. You want to be known as an expert in your field and the go-to person for your service. If you’re regularly sharing helpful information, people will begin to associate you more and more with that type of content and come to you when they are ready to invest.

Call to action

The purpose of live video is to generate leads and turn them into sales. This is why every live video needs to have a clear call to action. Your call to action should not always be a heavy sales pitch. In fact, most of the time, it should be a call to opt in for a lead magnet. This will help you build your email list and foster a long term relationship with potential clients. When launching a product or service, you can and should do a call to action for a sale. However, most of the time you want to use your live videos solely for lead generation. At times, your call to action can be as simple as sharing your video with friends.

Live video is an incredibly effective way to grow your reach and connect with ideal clients. When used properly it can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Including these three things in every live video will help you establish yourself as a truly professional expert in your field, making you a more trustworthy investment when the time comes.

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