I know what you want as an entrepreneur…

You want to make more money, work less, have financial peace and spend more time with your friends and family. Many of you don’t just want these things for the sake of improving your own life, but so that you might also be able to use that money to give back and make a difference.

While I am the owner of a thriving 7 figure fitness business, my greatest value in the marketplace is actually in helping entrepreneurs just like you earn a significant income to then be able to give back to family, church and community. I truly believe this is the most effective way to bring about change in the world, and it is truly why I do what I do.

The more I work with entrepreneurs in the wellness industry, the more I am convinced there is absolutely no quarter more important than the 4th quarter. This may seem somewhat counter-intuitive as the 1st quarter is traditionally the highest grossing for those in the health and wellness industry. However, if you are not hustling, strategizing and  implementing in the 4th quarter, then people like me and the ladies I work with, will end up with all of your clients in January! It simply is not going to cut it, slacking off during October, November and December, if you expect to kill it in January. You have to get your content and your programs out there consistently so when January rolls around, you are the person that comes to mind when your followers are ready to make a purchase and sign up for a fitness or wellness program.

So, what can you do to get serious now for success in the coming months?

Focus and Simplify.

This truly is THE most important thing you can do right now. If you are like most entrepreneurs, then you have a new idea every 20 minutes. The problem with this is that too many revenue streams will actually hurt your bottom line. They confuse your audience, split your attention, and make your life considerably more complicated. However, when you focus on one main revenue stream at a time, you are able to clearly brand and create consistent messaging regarding who you are and what you do. In addition, you can focus on iterating and perfecting your offering, so it ends up being unbeatable in terms of value. Having one main focus will help you simplify your systems, and allow you to focus on growing your business.

The best type of program to focus on is something easily scalable. The temptation for those in the wellness industry is to go for the higher end coaching clients that require one-on-one service. This is a quick way to make some cash, but it comes with a ton of strings attached. You are limited in the number of clients you can serve, because there are only so many hours in the day. You will in essence be at the beck and call of those clients; a way most of us don’t want to live.

My feature program, The FASTer Way to Fat Loss, is the only program I have promoted for the last two years. The amazing thing about this type of program is that I can run it with 1 client or 1000 clients, using the same amount of time and effort. With this being my only focus, I have been able to perfect it, so it is now the very best program on the market. In addition, I have been able to hone in on affiliate marketing in a huge way to grow the reach of this program. I have consistently marketed the program in a simple, clear way. People now quickly associate me with intermittent fasting and carb cycling, and I’ve gotten thousands of testimonials that prove the program works. These are critical to marketing and have served me incredibly well.  If I had 5 different programs running, the FASTer Way would not be nearly as successful as it is, nor would I have such effective marketing and systems in place. If I had chosen to focus on one-on-one clients, I would be able to do nothing else. Even at a higher price point, the amount of time necessary to serve clients well one-on-one is significantly higher than serving my FASTer Way clients well. I would be making less money overall and working more hours to meet the needs of my clients. A scalable program like the FASTer Way has enabled me to grow my bottom line without sacrificing time with my family, in a way that is truly effective for my clients. There is truly no better way to build a successful, sustainable business.

Take it from me, I have tried and failed many times trying to do too much. I have also run myself ragged trying to meet the needs of my one-on-one clients. I will say it again: focusing on one scalable program will help you simplify your systems and your life, while growing your bottom line significantly!

The next few months are truly crunch time for those in the health and wellness industry. If you are serious about crushing it in January, then now is your time. Create, iterate, strategize, market and implement like crazy, then watch as your programs fill up in 2018!

Looking to grow a significant income while focusing on an incredibly effective online fitness program? I have certified some incredible women as FASTer Way to Fat Loss coaches over the last 6 months. One of those women has grown her business to over $100,000 since May. The power of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss is truly unbeatable. This business in a box will help you earn your investment back in a matter of weeks. You will get to create a sustainable and significant income, while helping others reach their health and fitness goals. There truly is no better way to build a business!  In order to go through the certification program, you must go through one round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss to ensure you truly love the program and that it fits with your own lifestyle and convictions.


If you are already certified in the health and wellness industry as a personal trainer, nutritionist, naturopathic doctor, dietician or wellness coach, then you would probably be a better fit for my business mentorship + agency services package. This program will help you focus on using your skills, training and experience to create your own online program that is simple, effective and easily scalable. We will focus on the development of your program all the way through the marketing, branding and implementation of your program. You will have my guidance as your business coach and the support of my agency team to get things done.

If you are serious about making more money and working less, then you’ve got to focus and simplify. Now is the time, health and wellness pros. This quarter is when you need to be strategizing, hustling and putting things into place so that clients roll in come January. To determine which program is the best fit for you, set up an information consult call asap. During this quick 20 minute chat we will determine the right place for you based on your needs and experience. These programs are priced identically, but the cost of the business mentorship program will be doubling beginning January 1st. I only have a few slots available for both of these programs, so if you are interested, setup your call today!