The best part of my business mentorship program is hands down the incredible women I work with. These women are at the forefront of their industries and experts at what they do. They hustle hard and strive to provide incredible programs and services that empower their clients.

Working with these women is truly my greatest passion, and empowering them to earn significant income is what my business mentorship is all about. In the process I’m able to connect my followers with the women responsible for changing the health and wellness industry.

One such lady is Kathryn Manigross. Kathryn is a fitness & wellness coach, passionate about helping others reach their health goals through amazing nutrition and efficient workouts. As a certified StrongFirst kettlebell instructor Kathryn brings expert knowledge to clients looking to get lean and toned.

Kathryn’s got a fantastic new free guide called the Winter Warm Up that includes 3 quick and efficient at-home workouts, 3 crockpots recipes, and 3 hot drink recipes that are intermittent fasting approved. If you are looking for some winter-y comfort foods that will keep you in an optimal fat burning state! This guide is completely free and a fantastic resource to help you get through the cold winter months.

Over the last few months Kathryn has done an incredible job growing her business. Utilizing the Agency Side and my Business Mentorship program Kathryn has seen some incredible success. Here’s what she has to say about working with my team:

“Amanda and her team have been instrumental in creating my first online program. They helped me develop & design my program and have always been readily available to provide feedback & support. By working with her team I have a better understanding online marketing and the strategies on how to grow my business. I have big goals for 2018 and I know that working with Amanda and her team will help me get there. I would definitely recommend Amanda and The Agency Side to other Boss Babes looking to grow their business smart and effectively in the current marketplace.”

Kathryn’s success has come through a number of different avenues, but mainly through her online bootcamps. She’s got another one beginning January 1st called the 30 Day Simply Shred.  30 Day Simply Shred,  is a fitness & nutrition program that incorporates intermittent fasting, carb cycling, interval training and kettlebell training for fat loss and strength building. If you are interested in incorporating kettlebell training into your workouts, Kathryn is absolutely your girl. Her commitment to helping clients reach their goals, and her drive to be the best in her field are inspiring and empowering! Be sure to check out her Instagram and Facebook pages to follow her as she continues to build her business and serve busy women, looking to get fit!


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