In high school I almost failed Algebra 2, twice. 


I failed it once, took it again, worked super hard…and in April of my second year, had the exact same average I had the year before. So, I dropped the class so I wouldn’t fail it twice.

Despite my Algebra 2 struggles, I’ve been able to build more than one incredibly successful business. And, clearly, it’s not because I am the smartest girl on the block. Instead, it is because I truly know the power of a team. 

It always surprises me when clients ask me how I do it all. The truth is, I don’t do it all. In fact, so much of what actually gets done for my business is heavily reliant on the incredible team I’ve been able to build. I may not be able to solve linear equations, but I do know how to build an incredible team. Here are a few tips to building a team that make you look like the smartest girl around!

When to Grow Your Team

About 2 years ago, I knew my business was at a tipping point. I could no longer grow as a solopreneur and had to begin to consider hiring some team members. I’ve long said you can either have control, or you can have growth. I had some huge goals I wanted to meet and I knew I had to give up some control in order to see some growth. In true Amanda fashion, I didn’t just hire one team member…I hired three. 

There was definitely some fear in bringing others on. I was confident that I could grow the business, but the extra pressure of 3 more salaries weighed on me. In addition, giving up control is always a bit scary, so growing my team was not done without fear. 

When you find yourself at a tipping point with the potential for huge growth, it’s time to start considering adding team members. You don’t have to hire three at a time like I did, and you will likely have some fear in bringing someone else on. That’s okay, do it anyway. Finding the right team members will help you focus on moving your business forward, which is key to successfully growing your business. 

How to Hire a Team

Hire people who are smarter than you.

We’ve already established that I am not the smartest person in the world. And, while I have some clear strengths, I obviously have some weaknesses, too. This is why I hire people who are smarter than me and who are better than me at doing the things I either hate doing, or am terrible at. 

It is important you avoid hiring out of insecurity. If you are not okay with someone being better than you at something, then it probably isn’t the right time to hire. Again, you can either have control or growth. If you want growth, you are going to have to give up some control to your team members, which is why you are going to want to hire the very best possible team. 

This is truly how I’ve been able to build such successful businesses. My team is incredible. They are all experts at what they do. We hustle harder than any team out there. We lead the way with authority. We speak the language of excellence and confidence. My team delivers in exceptional ways every single day. That doesn’t happen by hiring people who are just okay at what they do. Hire smarter, better, more passionate than you…then let your team do their thing!

Ease into a full-time hire.

I completely understand that bringing someone on full-time can be intimidating if you’ve always worked alone. Not to mention, you can only learn so much from an interview. This is why I highly recommend you hire someone as an independent contractor for a 3 month probationary period. A probationary period will give you time to see how that person works as a part of your team, and it will also help you focus on growth so you can sustain that team member full-time.   

Use your team wisely. 

Once you hire a team, you need to fire yourself from everything that another team member can do. Your main job once your team is in place is to focus solely on the things only you can do. Don’t hire a team and then sit around doing administrative work. Delegate everything you possibly can, so that you can focus on revenue producing activities. 

Take risks.

There is absolutely some risk involved with hiring a team. There are plenty of things that can go wrong, and plenty of ways it can end up costing you money. However, when you have the right team in place, your growth will be truly exponential. There is really no better way to accelerate the growth of your business than to hire an exceptional team. This means you may have to take a few risks every now and then: hiring before you feel completely ready, or moving someone from a part-time position to a full time position. 

The entrepreneurial life is a risky one, but entrepreneurs by nature are risk takers. So, while you absolutely need to be wise, you will also need to take a few steps of faith in regards to hiring a team. 

I do not do it all. 

I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. 

But, my team is incredible. 

We all operate in the areas where we are strongest. 

We all deliver. 

We all hustle. 

We are all responsible for the growth of my businesses. 

If you are at a tipping point, it is likely time for you to consider making a hire or two. Build your team wisely and then equip them to work in their strengths. If you do that, the sky truly is the limit for you and your business.