Happy Monday friends! I love Monday’s because that’s when I introduce you to one of my amazing clients. These women are true powerhouses in their industries. Each of them working towards earning significant income to recirculate back into family, church and community.


Today’s featured entrepreneur is Rachel King. Rachel is an accountant with a love for wellness. She decided to turn her passion into a career, and became a health, financial, and accountability coach. Rachel’s passion is to help other women become “Financially Fit”. She is committed to helping her clients reach their full potential so that they feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

How have you and your business grown working with Amanda and Lindsey?

I am so thankful to have met Amanda Tress and Lindsey Murray! Since I began working with Amanda in March, my businesses (fitness and finance) have taken off like never before. I’ve learned so much about putting systems in place and utilizing effective marketing strategies. I’ve been able to automate several areas of my business so that I am able to better focus on my clients.  

I was also fortunate enough to be able to attend a VIP Weekend, which was a huge success. Throughout the weekend we were encouraged to dream BIG and to set high goals. We were also given hands-on, practical steps to begin working towards those goals.  Having such successful women truly believe in you, goes a long way to helping you believe in yourself.

What are some major wins you’ve experienced that we can celebrate with you?

I launched my latest course, Budgeting Bootcamp, which has been an incredible success. Having both Amanda and Lindsey to help with strategy and product design, I was able to market my program, put together incredibly useful content, and offer my clients a beautifully done workbook. This has been my most successful product launch, by far. In addition to that launch, I’ve recently landed my first one-on-one Finance Success and Accountability client shortly after returning home from my VIP weekend. I am so excited to see things continue to grow from here.

Share a few fun facts about you!

  • My favorite splurge is Starbucks (or any coffee house for that matter). I also love workout clothes, and makeup!

  • I love wearing dresses, and basically live in them.

  • My favorite colors are purple and mint green. BUT I usually buy neutrals. I’m not sure why!

What encouragement do you have for other female entrepreneurs?

Life is too short to live full of self-consciousness. That’s why I’m so passionate about empowering women to find their confidence and unleash their true potential through becoming “financially fit!"

Where can we find you?



Rachel is truly committed to growing her business and daily puts in the work required to do that; she is such a joy to work with. The future holds bright things for this strong woman, and I know that she will continue to provide the very best service to all of her current and future clients.