Through my Business Accelerator program, I work with several women running online fitness bootcamps.  Many of them will say things like, “I’ve just started my online bootcamps, and was only able to get 10 women signed up. I see how many are in your programs and don’t feel like I will ever get there.” Here’s the deal though: at this time last year, I ran a bootcamp with 11 women in it. I haven’t always had huge online fitness programs. However, over the last year, I’ve stepped up my marketing and programming and have seen huge returns on my investment. I currently have over 370 women in my online bootcamps, which is clearly significant growth from one year ago. While there is no magic pill to growth like this, with focus, intentionality and effective marketing, you can grow your online programs in the same way I have.


The one thing I encourage all fitness professionals in my programs to begin with, is an effective program. All of the marketing in the world will do you no good if you don’t have a program that works. I highly recommend you run a test group prior to any big launches. I ran a small test group last year, around this time. Throughout the duration of that group, I got daily feedback from the women going through my program. They gave me input on workouts, recipes and their results. I did one-on-one consults to get testimonials, and to tweek my program based on their feedback. That was an invaluable step to building what I believe to be the most effective fat loss program on the market today.

Once you’ve got your effective program together, you are going to need to dial in your marketing efforts. The single most important thing you can do to bring clients into your programs is use live video on a consistent basis. I did this throughout the year, and have seen tremendous results. Be sure to post several live videos showcasing client testimonials, your own results and calls to action. In addition, you will want to provide your followers with live video that has valuable content for them, while establishing you as an expert. This means that you won’t always be  selling on live video, but when you do, you will have already built trust with your audience.

This year I implemented an affiliate program that has grown my bootcamps exponentially. For those that have gone through my program and seen significant success, I offer them the opportunity to earn 50% for every referral they make to my programs. I truly believe in paying my affiliates well. Because of that, affiliates are more than willing to promote my programs, which gets me in front of entirely new audiences. If you have an outstanding program, and your clients have great results through that program, then it is absolutely worth your time to develop a strong affiliate program. In my Year Long Accelerator Program, I will be walking my clients through the specifics of setting up an affiliate program, and how to leverage affiliates to grow your online bootcamps.

Please know that it is normal, and okay to start small. Create excellent programs, tweak them based on client feedback so your programs bring clients maximum results. Utilize live video to connect with followers, letting them know about your programs and their success. Create a worthwhile affiliate program that will get you in front of new audiences. Continue to focus on solving your client’s pain points. Over time, with a lot of hustle and hard-work, you will see your programs grow. But, do not despise your small beginnings. Be faithful with the few who sign up for each program and intentional with your growth strategies. Over time you will be rocking bootcamps with hundreds of women who are committed to you and every program you offer!