Recently, I was told that I use my hands too much while doing live Facebook videos. What can I say, I am totally a hand talker. But, I did take the constructive criticism seriously because I truly want to provide exceptional value to those who are accessing my content. In fact, I have deleted several live videos after watching the replay if they didn’t seem organized or helpful enough.

Because I am truly committed to providing those who watch my videos with tons of value, I am quick to take down anything down that I don’t feel does those things well. I believe that it is not only extremely important to do my best to understand my ideal client’s pain points, but that it is equally important that I provide solutions to those pain points in a clear and easy to understand way.


If you are a female entrepreneur utilizing live video for your business, here are a couple of tips to ensure your videos are of the highest value to your ideal clients.

Take your role as an influencer seriously.

Whether you have 3 people watching, or 3000 people watching, you have been given influence over the lives of others. When people tune in to your live videos, or go back to watch a replay, they are giving you one of their most valuable commodities: their attention. While you have it, it is so important you are providing them with solid information that is practical, valuable and extremely helpful in addressing their pain points. Be sure to consider your viewer’s needs instead of focusing on your own ROI. When you focus on helping others, they will see the value you provide and you will see ROI. Don’t make that your focus though, allow helping others to be your main priority when doing live video.

Pre-plan your videos.

I literally have a script that I write out for each of my live videos. The ones that get deleted are the ones where my notes aren’t very thorough or well planned. I usually keep my notes up on my computer screen and have my phone propped up beside them while I’m recording. I am sure to introduce myself in each video, address the general topic I will be discussing, and then provide my viewers with some practical tips they can begin implementing or some small steps they can take once the video is over. You can never plan too much, so do the work beforehand to ensure that your videos are professional and packed with value. I highly recommend that you not hit the “Go Live” button without a game plan. This leads to rambling, distractions and getting off track.

I truly believe that live video is an absolute game changer in today’s online world. You don’t need to be a professional speaker with formal training to do a good job utilizing this platform. With a little intentionality, planning, and a focus on what your ideal client needs, the sky is truly the limit for you in 2017. So, don’t be afraid to hop onto live video and begin getting some great value out into your warm market. However, it is important that you make every effort you possibly can to ensure you are providing value to those investing their time to watch your broadcasts in a clear and concise way.