One of the most common obstacles I come up against when working with clients through my business workshop and mentoring services is mindset. While most of the mindset stuff out there is junk, I absolutely believe in the power of mindset to either accelerate the growth of your business or completely tank it.

Mindset of Abundance

I’ve talked about this countless times before, so I won’t belabor the point too much here. If you are operating out of a scarcity mindset, you will always resort to sleazy, desperate tactics. You will be willing to quit before you even start, believing someone is already doing things better than you are, so why try? Beginning with a mindset of abundance opens up countless doors of opportunity, allows you to say no to clients who aren’t ideal and helps you create out of the true belief you have something to offer. There is absolutely enough for everyone to be successful. If you don’t believe that, you will undoubtedly become your own roadblock to success.

Mindset of Success

If success becomes what you expect every time you execute something, you will find yourself finding more and more of it. If mediocrity or “good enough” become your norm, you will find more and more of that.

As an entrepreneur, it is absolutely critical you face every situation, create every program, and walk into every new opportunity believing and expecting to find success. If success is your target, you will find yourself working harder and smarter. That kind of work will lead you to more success and the cycle of work/success will continue. On the other hand, when you allow mediocrity or “good enough” to be your target, you will work in such a way that gets you to “good enough.” Set your mind on excellence and you will get it; not because you spoke it into the universe, but because you are more likely to put your hard work and creativity behind it.

Mindset of Confidence

People don’t want to buy things from you if you aren’t 100% confident in what you’re selling. For some people this is a HUGE area of struggle, as they just don’t believe in their own abilities enough to position themselves as an expert. But, people can see through things quickly in today’s online world. If you can’t confidently speak about the benefits of your program, product or service, people will go to someone who can.

If you know you’ve created something amazing, do not be shy about sharing that in a completely confident way. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my FASTer Way to Fat Loss program is the best on the market...and I am not afraid to say that! If you are confident in what you’ve got, don’t worry about sounding arrogant, just be honest! If you aren’t confident about what you’re offering, then stop selling it and create something better!

Mindset of Control

Entrepreneurs don’t typically shy away from taking control of a situation. However, I regularly come across people who have countless excuses why something won’t work. Typically, those reasons have nothing to do with that person and everything to do with the circumstances: “the market isn’t right,”“the technology is too hard to master,” ”the public just doesn’t get it.”

The entrepreneurs who are truly successful are the ones who look at every situation and figure out what THEY can do to find success. The change always starts with them and how they can affect a positive outcome. If your mindset isn’t one of control, you will find yourself in a heap of excuses, waiting for some big break. Those who are truly successful create their own opportunities and execute with excellence to make the most of them.

Mindset isn’t just about throwing things out into the universe, waiting for the universe to get on your side. It is, however, all about walking into every situation with confidence and positivity, knowing whatever presents itself you have the ability to make something amazing out of it!

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