If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times...there is no better time than right now to be a female entrepreneur in the wellness industry. Today’s marketplace is truly wide open for women wanting to earn a significant income in the health and wellness space, and my commitment is to help you figure out exactly how to do that!

Before I lay out an effective product flow, I want to be clear that there is not one specific product flow that will work for every business owner. However, this is the flow I have used to grow a 7-figure fitness business, and one that many of my clients have used to grow their own businesses, significantly. This is a general outline to follow, that you can tweak and adapt to meet your clients’ needs and your business goals.

Tripwire Product

A tripwire product is a low cost product that helps you distinguish between leads and conversions. You can have a million followers, but if they don’t ever convert to paying clients, then what good is that?

My tripwire product is the FASTer Way to Fat Loss cookbook. This cookbook is an intro to intermittent fasting and carb cycling, provides clients with an overview of the FASTer Way food cycle and provides them with some delicious recipes they can use immediately. It also teases the FASTer Way program, which is the next step in my product flow. The cost for my cookbook is $24.99; priced high enough to make it profitable for me, but low enough to make it a no-brainer for potential clients.

While tripwire products are important, I usually tell the women I coach to focus first on the feature program, and then create their tripwire product.

Feature Program

Your feature program is your bread and butter. It is the program you want to spend time perfecting and tweaking to ensure your clients get incredible results. A good price point for this program is around $200, and is usually something like a 6 week online group bootcamp. Your tripwire product should be designed to draw people into your feature product, and you ideally want your clients to love your feature product so much they want to go through it at least twice!

My feature product is the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, my 6 week online bootcamp. I spent a LONG time perfecting this program so that anyone who truly follows it will see incredible results and be able to adopt the program as a true lifestyle. I charge $199 for the FASTer Way and have had incredible success with it over the last two years. My goal is to have all clients who go through the program once sign up for a second round (I just wrote a post about why 6 weeks isn’t enough), and then I give them the opportunity to filter into my membership program.

Membership Option

After clients have gone through your feature program once or twice, it is wise to have a membership program to filter them into at a lower, recurring price point. This is where you can offer more advanced strategies, continue to provide them with your services (meal plans, workouts, etc) and provide an online community for them moving forward. A membership option provides you with recurring income, which means a little peace of mind for you moving forward.

I recently created my FASTer Way VIP membership, which is solely for those who have gone through at least two rounds of my FASTer Way program. This membership provides ongoing workouts and support for my clients, in addition to in-depth training each month. I bring in some of the best mentors around and provide my VIP members with lots of great info to continue seeing results through the FASTer Way lifestyle.

Following this product flow, you don’t need thousands of clients to make a 6 figure income! Watch how this system will get you to your goal.

Let’s say you have…

  • 15 clients per month who purchase your tripwire product at @$24.99 = $374.85
  • 25 clients per month who sign up for your feature program @$199 = $4975
  • 30 clients who sign up for your membership site @$99 =$2970
  • Blog commissions/affiliate programs = $500

Total monthly revenue=$8,819.85, which would translate to $105,838 per year…with only 70 clients!!

Ideally, that membership option would grow over time and you would bring in more and more leads for your tripwire product and feature program. But, you don’t need to make 1000’s of sales per month to make 6 figures. You just have to hustle, convert and work hard to deliver incredible results, keeping in mind it is NOT solely about the money, but the number of lives you are changing for the better!

Again, there is no one size fits all approach, but this is how I have grown the FASTer Way brand successfully in just under 2 years. It has also been getting my clients some incredible success with their online programs, so for the most part, this will fit the needs of most female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry!

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