Mentorship + Agency Services



Mentorship + Agency Services



Are you hoping to take your fitness, nutrition, or coaching business to the next level and earn a more significant income? Do you need guidance, accountability, and a clear blueprint for success? Are you passionate about helping others, but unsure how to scale an online business effectively? If so, join my private business mentorship program. The business mentorship offers 1 or 2 one-on-one strategy calls with me each month, 1 or 2 working calls with my team mentors each month, digital marketing services, and online business strategies to accelerate your success. Your satisfaction is my guarantee, or your money back. 

Please note, I take on a limited number of private clients each month. Many of my clients go from earning less than $1,000 per month to over $20,000 per month in a very short amount of time. The price for the mentorship program continues to increase due to the added value and significant results produced by the program.

In addition to private (one-on-one) strategy calls, this program includes access to my full-service digital marketing team, participation in VIP group mastermind events, and writing and design projects each quarter. You will learn effective digital marketing, social media strategy, sales, copywriting, personal and professional branding online, and much more.

My vision is to understand and satisfy the business strategy, content, technology, and design needs of female entrepreneurs. Through the business mentorship program, I have empowered thousands of women across the world to accelerate their business. 


Have you invested in expensive training programs in the past, only to feel overwhelmed and quit before you even began going through the program? Or perhaps you had the best of intentions and consumed all of the information in the course, however, you were not able to implement the strategies effectively. I understand, and I've found myself in similar situations. In addition to the self-paced training academies, you'll receive one-on-one coaching from my team to discuss strategies that will accelerate your unique business. You will also receive done-for-you writing, technology, and design services, private VIP strategy days, and participation in group mastermind events. The private strategy calls are highly valuable and will empower you to implement effective strategies. This business mentorship program will provide you with the knowledge, accountability, and steps you need to accomplish your goals. 


You'll learn

  • The most important and effective social media strategies that are working in today's marketplace
  • How to network and sell in a genuine and transparent way
  • How to attract highly qualified leads to your business on a daily basis
  • How to efficiently convert new clients and create lifers for your business

you'll receive

  • 5 mentor strategy calls to discuss the program, sales, and marketing details 
  • 2 working meetings with team mentors to discuss and work on technology, branding, content creation, etc.
  • Lead Magnet Design
  • Program Design 
  • Writing projects: sales page and welcome email
  • Miscellaneous technology help and full support from The Agency Side team
  • VIP Weekend opportunity 

The Agency Side team will design a digital downloadable PDF of the lead magnet and program. It is important to mention that you provide the written content and our team of editors and designers bring your content to life in a beautifully designed brand consistent piece. The details of your lead magnet and program will be discussed on your strategy calls.


How it works

  • Attend 2 one-on-one strategy calls with me via FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangout each month and 1 or 2 one-on-one strategy calls with a team mentor as needed for help with branding, technology, design, writing, and more 
  • Attend 2 working meetings with team mentors
  • Work with my marketing agency staff on quarterly design and writing projects 
  • Work with my marketing agency staff on branding and design for your website 
  • 1 month commitment
  • Cost: $2,500 monthly