While most of the women I work with are in the health and wellness field, I have a few that come from other industries. One of my absolute favorites to work with is my sassy photographer friend Cyrissa. Outside of being an incredibly talented photographer, Cyrissa is committed to helping other photographers grow their businesses through her social media courses and mentoring programs.

Cyrissa is extremely knowledgeable about leveraging social media and live video to grow your business. Her live videos are packed with practical information that is easily implemented. They are also full of a little spunk and lots of fun!I am sure you are going to love getting to know this lady.

Here’s a little background on Cyrissa:

Cyrissa is a southern Ohio based photographer and business coach. She takes amazing photos, creates online workshops, mentors other photographers and speaks at various conferences and events throughout the year. She is a wife, mom, artist and teacher at heart; she spent years teaching art to elementary students. While she’s left the physical classroom, she continues to educate photographers all over the world to make informed, intentional decisions about their businesses.

Cyrissa is a dreamer who loves all things pink and sparkly. Her energy is truly contagious, and her joy is obvious. She also has a bit of a love affair with chips and salsa, and wine and cheese. That covers a few macros, right?

Cyrissa, how has working with Amanda and her team helped you grow your business?

Working with Amanda has been a very strategic decision and investment for my business.  When I originally met her, I was taking photos for her to use on the new website.  After chatting with her, I quickly realized that this relationship was one that I needed to grow and develop.  If your business, even a successful one, needs some fine-tuning and a swift kick-in-the-pants, Amanda is the one to help you make it happen!  I'm been nothing but pleased with my experience!

What is one recent win we can celebrate with you?

While I had several fabulous online workshops and a strong online photography community, I didn't have an effective strategy for growing and scaling my business.  Amanda has helped me realize the areas in which I was lacking. Through her mentoring, she has helped and inspired me to develop a robust sales funnel that better meets the needs of my clients AND provides for my family.

Where can we find you?

Website: Immerseworkshops.com

Instagram: @sparklesociety

Facebook: @Sparklesociety

Cyrissa has some amazing deals going on until the end of the year. If you are a photographer, check out her courses here. They will undoubtedly help you take your business to the next level. If you aren’t following Cyrissa yet, then I recommend you do so. This lady is going to do big things in 2017, and that means tons of value coming your way!