Coaching women to effectively build and scale their online businesses over the years, I have seen a trend in some of the things that hold them back from truly reaching success. Because I choose to work with clients who truly have significant value to offer their own clients, I want to see them be successful and help those they work with. However, these common issues can hold them back from truly seeing that success.


Technology problems.

Many female entrepreneurs have solid, effective programs and services, but don’t put them out there because they feel like they don’t have the technology know-how to make the program perfect. If you are worried about the technology side of things, you have options. You can lean on a team like The Agency Side for things like that, or you can bootstrap projects yourself. In this instance, done is truly better than perfect. So put something together, gather a test group and start helping people meet their goals. As you get further along into your business, you can learn more or hire out when it comes to technology. Find someone who knows how to help you or put something simple together, then get out there and make people’s lives better.

Insecurity with individual outreach.

Sometimes I see clients who are afraid to reach out to individuals because they don’t want to seem salesy and slimy. Because network marketing is so prevalent on the web, this has become a real minefield. However, there is a way to reach out to individuals that is genuine and has their best interest in mind. An influencer who is willing to share your lead magnet with their audience, can bring in loads of qualified leads, that will eventually turn into your warm market. Without some individual outreach, you won’t be able to grow your warm market. And remember, if you are providing value, people won’t have a problem with signing up for an email list, or hearing about your offerings. So, be confident and reach out!

On a side note, if you are partnered with a network marketing organization, be sure you are adding value to those you are reaching out to, and not just looking for a sale. This makes the web a friendlier place for everyone.

Fear of lack of credibility.

Credibility is extremely important in today’s market, but the women I work with already have more than enough credibility to be out there serving clients. What’s sad is that there are so many out there with no background or training, offering all kinds of info and charging thousands for products, courses and coaching that are not actually going to help anyone. While there will always be someone out there who is smarter than you, you are more than equipped to help people with good programming and quality products. The key is to surround yourself with people who are more knowledgeable than you so that when you don’t know the answers, you have some place to go. You don’t have to buy the next online class, or spend tons of money on getting more prepared. You just need to start, and then surround yourself with people who have more experience and who are a few steps ahead of you. This way, you can use your knowledge as a base to serve clients, and you can continue to learn and grow by doing your own professional development and learning from those around you. Don’t let the fear of lack of credibility stand in the way of forward motion in your business.

If you are a female entrepreneur, specifically in the wellness industry, don’t let the fear of technology, individual outreach or lack of credibility keep you from truly growing your business. Go out there confidently, believing in your ability to deliver and the effectiveness of your product. Focus on providing value, outsource where you can, and remember that done is better than perfect.