This year I am truly committed to simplifying and focusing when it comes to my business. Because of that, I have had to cut several revenue streams to better focus on the ones that make the most sense for me and my team. One of the revenue streams I recently let go of was my BeachBody partnership. While that was an incredibly challenging decision for me, it was absolutely the right one, and we are happy to be moving forward in 2017.


The History

About two and a half years ago, I partnered with BeachBody because I was looking for a residual income stream that made sense for my business. Because I was doing mostly in-person training, BeachBody was a perfect fit. Many of my clients were already using Shakeology and the workouts were a great supplement to what my clients and I were doing in the gym. I also saw this partnership as a natural fit for growing my business mentorship program. While most of the professionals I worked with were already certified in the health and wellness industry, I occasionally had someone come along with a passion for helping others get healthy, but who lacked formal training. Partnering with BeachBody gave me something to offer those clients as an opportunity and means to coach others towards healthier lifestyles, while earning an income and contributing to their family’s bottom line.

When my partnership with BeachBody began, I decided to focus my energy on building a significant residual income stream, and ended up scaling a pretty large team. Through that team, I met some absolutely amazing people, whose relationships I truly cherish.  That’s what kept me going for so long. I was also able to build my monthly revenue up to $8000 per month, which was certainly something to consider when ending that partnership.

While I was able to build a significant income, I felt like the needs of my team were changing. There were some members of my team who were incredibly passionate about becoming a rockstar BeachBody coach. While I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, my passion for coaching just did not lie there. BeachBody was never going to be my main thing, and I regularly struggled with the backend aspects of running a large MLM team. I felt like I could not meet the needs of my teammates who wanted to make BeachBody their main thing, and wanted to ensure they were getting the tools they needed to be successful.

Simply and Focus

In addition to the changing needs of my team, I felt a strong need to simplify and focus my business efforts. At one point during 2016, I had 13 streams of revenue listed on my financial spreadsheet. I knew that things needed to go, and I ended up cutting 10 of those 13 revenue streams over the last 6 months. While some were easier than others to let go of, it was clear to me and to the rest of my team that we needed to focus on what we are both passionate about and what we are exceptional at. BeachBody just didn’t fall into that category, so I knew it was time to let it go.

I still think BeachBody has a lot to offer through its products and still absolutely love the community. However, I think I am better suited to help BeachBody coaches build a beautiful website, write an effective sales funnel, or use social media marketing in an effective way, than I am to help someone reach the upper levels in the BeachBody organization.

Obviously, we were nervous about replacing that monthly income, but have been able to really pour our time and energy into our 3 biggest revenue streams, and have had record months since! I have been able to spend time perfecting my FASTer Way To Fat Loss program, which is what I am truly passionate about, and have been able to deliver incredible service to my Business Mentorship and Agency Side clients.

By saying no to things that weren’t really in my lane, I have been able to say yes to things that should be MY main things. Because of that, our business has only grown, and I have been considerably less stressed!

BeachBody coaches will always be special to me and I look forward to serving them in a new capacity moving forward. I am also incredibly excited about being able focus on growing my already successful FASTer Way to Fat Loss program, and continuing to understand and satisfy the needs of female entrepreneurs through the Agency Side and My Business Mentorship Program.

If you are someone working hard to build a profitable, scalable, online business and would like to be considered for either my business mentorship program or are interested in Agency Side services, I would love to set up a free consult call with you. I only work with women who are truly motivated to earn significant income to be able to give back to family, church and community. So, if you are serious about taking your business to the next level, let’s talk! My Business Mentorship Program is the first step and will bring you incredible value as you seek to move your business forward in 2017.

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