With all the growth my FASTer Way to Fat Loss program has had over the last few months, I’ve had to fine tune some of my business policies. While business policy is not the sexiest part of owning a business, it is critical to protecting your business’s profitability so you can continue to serve your clients and customers.


One policy to make sure you have clear guidelines for is your money back guarantee. Due to a couple of different situations this week, I’ve had to adjust mine. I recently reworded my guarantee to say: “I offer a money back guarantee after a good faith effort for 6 weeks.”

Here’s why...

I’ve had several clients sign up, download my comprehensive guide, and decide the program was too hard for them. In one instance, someone did two low carb days and decided it would be too much of a challenge to move forward, so quit and asked for their money back.

Here’s the thing, I completely stand behind the effectiveness of my program. If you go through 6 weeks, follow the program and don’t see results, I am more than happy to refund your money. However, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that if you follow the program for 6 weeks, you will absolutely see results, just as thousands of other women have seen results.

But...for someone to try two days, decide it was too hard and then give up, I have no sympathy in that scenario. So, moving forward, if someone decides to back out without really putting in the effort, I will no longer be refunding their money.

Additionally, I‘ve had a few personal trainers who’ve signed up for the program, gone through my entire prep week, watched my instructional videos, then backed out the day the program actually started. While I would like to believe that everyone has the very best of intentions, I do know that in a couple of these instances, trainers were just scraping the content of my program then requesting a full refund.

What is so infuriating about this is that I truly am an open book. I welcome other trainers to go through my program so they can utilize my strategies with their own clients. In fact, over the last year, several trainers have done just that and I have celebrated with them as they’ve built their business by getting clients incredible results with these strategies. So, it is kind of a smack in the face to have someone sign up, get all of the content, then ask for a refund.

Which is why I have changed my policy.

If you sign up for something, then believe in yourself enough to see it through to the end. Set an example for your children that hard work pays off, and commit. Don’t back out because things are hard. Put in the time, effort and work it takes to actually see results and honor your investment by keeping your word.

If you’re a professional, then you understand the work it takes to put together an amazing product. Respect other professionals and the work they do by honoring your commitments and following through.

I have no tolerance anymore for people who don’t want to work, or who aren’t coming with pure motives.

If you offer clients a money back guarantee, I highly recommend you set some parameters around that guarantee. While your business may be in its beginning stages, setting these guidelines now will be incredibly helpful to you as your business grows. Learn from my mistakes, and let your clients know under which circumstances you will be offering a money back guarantee, then stick to your guns friend!

As I said above, I am truly an open book and I am committed to helping female entrepreneurs grow sustainable, profitable businesses. I am particularly passionate about those in the health and wellness field, since ending the trend of obesity is the driving force behind my own fitness business. If you are in the health and wellness industry and would like to learn about growing your business through successful online bootcamps, join me for a free webinar on Tuesday, January 17th.

I will be walking you through how I’ve built my FASTer Way to Fat Loss program, taking it from 11 women to 500 women in one year, and will be giving you all the inside tips and information you need to run your own successful bootcamps this year! If you are tired of trading hours for dollars, and want to build a scalable business, sign up here to join me next Tuesday!