You’ll be hard pressed to find someone more committed to learning and implementing cutting edge strategies to grow your business than I am. However, there are a few intangible characteristics that I believe are equally as important as using effective strategies. Pursuing progress in these areas is as important as learning those cutting edge strategies if you want to grow your business in a scalable, sustainable way.


Maintaining a Mindset of Abundance Instead of Scarcity

When you’re operating out of an abundance mindset you don’t look at competitors with the same kind of insecurity as when you’re looking at things through the lens of scarcity. A scarcity mindset leads to desperation and hopelessness. An abundance mindset leads to action because there is always enough for everyone, and there are always other opportunities. Scarcity causes you to hoard and compete, abundance causes you to give and create. If you want to grow your business without losing your friends or your mind, you’ve got to begin operating out of an abundance mindset.

Know your Strengths

Everyone is good at something and has something to offer the world. It’s so incredibly important you know your strengths as an entrepreneur. While there are seasons you’ll have to do everything on your own, you need to know what you are best at so you can focus your business around those things. You also need to be aware of your areas of weakness so you can hire the right people to help, once your business gets big enough. Knowing your strengths will allow you to simplify and focus on creating things in your wheelhouse: leading to better quality work.

Have Passion and Progress Towards Your Goals

If you’re not someone who sets goals they are passionate about, you’re going to struggle in the entrepreneurial life. You can’t set goals based on what everyone else is doing, which can be a real struggle in the online world. But you have to remember, just because something works for someone else, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. You have to choose your goals based on the things you’re passionate about. On the flip side, many entrepreneurs are passionate about something they aren’t seeing any progress towards. If you don’t see progress towards your goals after a significant amount of time and effort, it may be time to redirect or call it quits. Knowing where to set your target and when to throw in the towel on an idea, project or product are both critical to growing a successful business.

While these things may seem like innate abilities some people are just born with, everyone is able to grow in all three of these areas. Spend time doing personal and professional development every day. Surround yourself with other women who are like-minded and working toward similar goals. Cultivating these things in your life are just as critical as learning the newest strategies and should be given the same emphasis and priority as you move forward in all of your business endeavors.

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