If you’ve been grinding hard to build an online business, then you know that sometimes the entrepreneurial road can get a little lonely. We often find ourselves working countless hours to see just a tiny bit of progress. Many of the people in our life don’t fully understand what we are doing with this online thing and the struggle to keep going is real!


That’s why you not only need strategy and tools, you need community! I just wrapped up my VIP weekend, where I spent two and a half days with some incredibly driven women planning, masterminding, and hustling. During this weekend I realized how important time with like-minded, driven entrepreneurs can be!

Here’s why...

Accountability: It’s so easy to have a million ideas but never follow through with any of them. Having a group of people who will help hold you accountable to your own goals is absolutely critical!

Encouragement: We know this road can be a lonely one. This lifestyle isn’t always easy. If you don’t have some friends who get it, and who will be there to cheer you on, it’s incredibly easy to give up!

Creativity: Sometimes you need some inspiration. While most entrepreneurs don’t struggle with ideas, we sometimes get stuck in a rut and need some other like-minded people to help us move outside of our own head!

Momentum: There are few things more motivating than sitting in a room full of go-getters! When you see other women working hard toward their own goals, it’s nearly impossible not to feel that momentum and want to pour into your own business