Shortly after beginning to work with today’s client spotlight, Tammy Strome, I sent her a quick question about my own training. She responded with the most comprehensive, thoughtful, and scientific answer I could have imagined. I quickly realized that this lady was a true powerhouse in the fitness industry. Women like Tammy are the reason I am so passionate about helping qualified female entrepreneurs build their businesses. There are way too many 21 year old “life coaches” out there with no experience and no business of their own to give proof to their strategies. Instead, women like Tammy who truly know their stuff and are in business for more than just the money should be the ones out there booking clients.

Tammy has been in the fitness industry for years as a coach and is an IFBB pro. As a fitness transformation specialist, she works with women from a variety of backgrounds. Female competitors, competitors in transition, workaholics with hormonal imbalances, women suffering from overwhelm, perfectionists in pursuit of their ideal bodies and women seeking authenticity and freedom in their lives. Tammy’s approach is truly an inside out approach. She can undoubtedly shape a body, but does so in a way that optimizes hormonal balance and through a focus on mindset.

I’ve loved working with Tammy through my Elite mentorship program and look to her as a true expert in the fitness industry. Here’s what she had to say about working with my team:

“It's only been a short while but Amanda is helping me to gain great confidence in growing the online parts of my business. Her team creates amazing work and I love how she cares about helping me succeed!!”

You can follow Tammy on Instagram and Facebook where she regularly shares tons of value when it comes to hormones, fitness, mindset and overall wellness.

Tammy’s Body Bliss Programs are an incredible way to burn fat and get lean. She is also a part of the She Awakens Event and community. Tammy is helping women everywhere get lean, fit and strong from the inside out. She has tons of knowledge and experience and is truly an expert when it comes to helping women get results in a way that is healthy and sustainable!

Be sure to follow her and check out all that she has to offer. I promise, you will learn, grow and be encouraged!