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There are literally thousands of strategies out there to help you grow your social media following, many of which you’ll pay a pretty penny to learn. However, while having a million followers sounds amazing, it doesn’t necessarily translate into a successful business. In fact, I know that you can grow your business in a significant way without having a million followers because I’ve done it. I have grown both my fitness and digital marketing and strategy business with only 16,000 Instagram followers. Here’s why:

I do not rely solely on Instagram (or Facebook) for interaction with potential clients. In fact, those platforms have become secondary to my affiliate program and micro-influencer outreach. If you have not begun to build an affiliate program or work with micro-influencers to increase your reach, then you simply will not see the kind of exponential growth needed to get your business to 7 figures.

Gone are the days when you can throw up some Instagram posts and get new clients. Today’s algorithms make it incredibly hard for your stuff to get seen. You’ve got to post more often and provide more value than ever before. So what should you focus on when it comes to your social media platforms?

Create engagement.

Even if you are just starting out, do what you can to create genuine engagement. Leave meaningful comments on other people’s Instagram feeds. Reach out to people and build actual relationships. Ask questions on your posts, tag others in your photos (in a legit way), and respond to those commenting. Algorithms love engagement, and so do real people. You will build a far more loyal following by being involved and engaged than you will by using spammy follow/unfollow tactics, I promise!

Attract the right kind of followers.

When posting to social media, you want to repel certain types of people and attract other types of people. This comes with knowing your avatar and speaking directly to that avatar in every post. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Engage with those who make the most sense for your business and who will gain the most benefit from your programs.

Create great content.

Great content will help you to build trust among your followers. If you do this in a genuine way, people will be more interested in buying from you because they know, like, and trust you. If you consistently give, providing truly helpful content that your ideal client needs, you will see your conversion rates skyrocket, even with only a few thousand followers.

You don’t need a million followers to make a million dollars.

But, you do need qualified leads for your programs, products and services to see your content. Once you’re able to make your first conversion, it is extremely important that you provide an incredible experience so that those first-time clients become willing affiliates who promote the heck out of you! If you can do this while utilizing the relationships you build with micro-infuencers, you’ll be a whole lot closer to seeing 7 figures in your bottom line, regardless of how many followers you have!

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