I’ve gotten lots of messages lately, on virtually every social media platform out there. Most of these messages are from network marketers who think I would be a good fit for their team. Most of them are canned responses that are obvious and frustrating. While I personally have no resentment towards network marketers, and think it is flattering when they reach out to me thinking I might be a good fit for their team, I do think something needs to change.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to build a business that offers you flexibility. In addition, network marketing is often the gateway to entrepreneurship for many. However, what’s happened over the last two years, as the network marketing industry has grown exponentially, is  there are more and more women marketing their products online. This has cluttered the online space, and created a lot of noise. Most of these women have little to no experience in marketing, so simply follow the lead of their upline or their corporate offices. Unfortunately, they are taught spammy tactics to make sales and grow their teams: which can alienate friends and create an overwhelming pressure to hit their goals.

Some Common Mistakes

Mistake 1

The number one mistake I see network marketing professionals make is posting stock images from corporate, focused solely on making a sale, not solving problems. They post a stock image of a bag of shakes, talk about how this particular brand of shakes is the best, and how for only $10 a day, you too can have these shakes.

Here’s the thing, no one really cares about your shakes unless they are going to do something to solve some kind of problem. This truly is one of the worst ways to market as it completely negates the client’s need, and tries to make a sale without any obvious benefit to client.  

Mistake 2

This is a relatively new strategy, but is growing in popularity. In order to entice people into sales, consultants or associates add their friends, family, and friends of friends to a sale group on Facebook. However, to avoid being slimy and spammy, you must get permission before adding people to groups. I’ve been added to groups, removed myself, then added back several times. People….we’ve got to stop this madness! A major tenant of marketing is gaining the trust of your potential clients. You simply cannot do that without getting their permission to add them to your groups. Plus, when you do this, you are filling your group with a bunch of people who aren’t truly interested or engaged, instead of qualified leads who want what you have.

Mistake 3

This has happened to all of us, and is a huge mistake so many network marketers are making in today’s market. In an effort to get a certain number of “bites”, they send out canned messages to a couple of hundred friends, or friends of friends on Facebook. These messages are typically fail to connect with the person they are messaging on any real, meaningful level. Network marketing friends, if you feel al ittle bit of dissonance in doing this, just don’t do it! If you don’t feel dissonance, then I am telling you, there are way better strategies out there that will be far less spammy, and will lead to greater long term success.

Tips to grow your network marketing business without losing your friends or your mind.

Generate highly qualified leads by genuinely solving problems and offering free resources.

Instead of throwing out stock photos, spend your time creating valuable content that naturally fits with the products you provide. Consider what problems your ideal client may have and how your products can solve those problems. Develop a free ebook, checklist or resource that you can give away for free to people who sign up for your email list.

For  example, if you sell skincare consider creating a lead magnet with tips on how to prevent and reverse sun damage. This is something most women would be interested in downloading, and is timely with spring break and summer coming. Once you’ve written some great content, you can circle back around through an email or message, thanking your potential client for downloading your tips, and making an easy transition into a product that would help solve their issues. If you create a great lead magnet, you will earn people’s trust. Once people trust you, they will be more likely to make a purchase from you, because you are proposing a solution to their problem, not just shoving a product in front of them!

Micro-Influencer Outreach

Once you’ve created  your lead magnet, you can then share that lead magnet with influencers in complimentary industries. For example, if you are partnered with a network marketing company that sells protein shakes, and your lead magnet is 5 Reasons New Moms Need Protein,  you can ask someone who has a Facebook group of 2,000 moms to share your lead magnet with her group. This helps you get in front of 2,000 new eyes, while providing her group with valuable information that will help them live a healthier lifestyle.

Another option would be to reach out to the same influencer and ask her if you could possibly do a live split screen interview in her group, sharing tips about how new moms can find nutritional balance. This too provides the influencer with valuable content for the group, while getting you in front of a larger audience. The important thing here is to link to your free offer and gather emails, not go directly to making a sale!

Think outside the box to grow your community page.

Instead of randomly adding friends to your Facebook group, consider how you can provide them with value, so they actually WANT to be in your group. Consider a free 5 day course or challenge, or a free resource for joining your group. For example, if you sell leggings, offer a free spring style guide to everyone in your group. Again, think about how you can provide value for your group members so they are excited to be there.

Friends, if you are partnered with a network marketing company, it’s time to start thinking like a digital marketer, not like a network marketer. Be a problem solver who happens to provide products to those who need them. Build trust, and run from the spammy, annoying canned marketing tactics corporate preaches. It’s time we stopped this madness friends...there truly is a better way!