Literally everywhere you turn, there is someone offering another download, webinar, workshop or class. There are huge promises attached to every offer and most of them fail to deliver…leaving you scratching your head and more confused than when you started. While I absolutely believe there is a ton of great information out there, consider a few of the following things before you spend any more money or time on another download, workshop, webinar or class.

Do you have the time to work through the material... and implement it?

While there is a ton of great stuff out there, we simply cannot implement all of it. So, before you hop on the next resource ask yourself if you really have the margin to go through the material and put it into practice. If the answer is no, but it is content you feel like you really need then you have two options: make the time to go through and implement or wait a while until you have more time.

Is the creator someone who has truly built the kind of business or life you want to emulate?

If you are going to buy something that teaches you how to build a six-figure income, do some digging to find out if the person who’s created the content has actually built a six-figure income. Does the creator of the resource live in a way that is appealing to you? Do they market in a way you would feel comfortable marketing? Does their brand, mission and values resonate with you? If not, then you could end up with a ton of strategies that you never feel comfortable using, or that don’t really get you to where you’d like to be.

Are there testimonials that come from people LIKE YOU?

It isn’t terribly difficult to get testimonials these days, so consider where these testimonials are coming from. Are they from people who are in a similar stage as you are? Will you have the same type of access to resources as these people did? Do these people have the same type of problem you have that this resource is claiming to solve? If the testimonials are all positive but the people giving them aren’t like you, then you aren’t likely to see the same results.

Will learning something else equip you towards your purpose, or paralyze you with more info you don’t have time for?

Are you in a place where you know exactly what you need to move forward, or are you grabbing at straws for every new thing that promises to grow your business? If you are able to see exactly how a course, workshop or product will help you move forward towards your passion, then by all means invest your time and money. If you aren’t sure how this particular program will move you forward, but it sounds like something you “should” invest in, then it isn’t for least not right now.

Does the resource actually solve a problem you have, or just load you down with more than you need to worry about?

There is a ton of info out there that would be great to have, but it doesn’t actually solve a problem you are facing. If the course, product or download doesn’t directly address your pain-points, skip it and look for something that does. If you are a busy woman trying to run a business and a home, you don’t have time to waste on stuff that doesn’t address your actual needs.

You don’t have to hop on every resource, class, webinar and program available to you. Consider who the creator is, and what the benefit of the resource will be to moving your business forward. Also be sure you have the time and margin to learn the material and then implement it. Be selective with where you invest your time, money and mental focus, so that you can maximize every resource to propel your business forward.