The newsletter opt-in is dead.

Take down your opt-in boxes, and say your good-byes.

In today’s cluttered market, there are very few people willing to sign up for a generic opt-in like a newsletter. If you want to build your email list...and you should want to build your email list...then it’s time to uplevel your offering.

Instead of a generic newsletter sign up, you will see far greater success in growing your list when you offer an incredibly valuable lead magnet. In order to truly stand out in today’s market, you’ve got to provide exceptional value in everything you put out. If not, you will simply be adding to the noise and people will begin to tune you out.

How do you create an incredibly valuable lead generator?

Explain the Why and the What

When creating your lead magnet always begin with your ideal client’s pain points. You could create something that solves an actual problem, or that educates your ideal client about a need related to their pain point. An effective lead magnet will address the why and the what of a topic, leaving your ideal clients looking for the how.

For example, my FASTer Way to Fat Loss bootcamp implements the cutting edge strategies of intermittent fasting and carb cycling. My lead magnet is a guide to the basics of those strategies. In that guide, I explain what these strategies are why these strategies are effective. I do not give away how they are implemented in my program, because that’s what clients pay for.

Consider how you might be able to do this reverse engineering your paid programs and services. What are some natural pain points your programs and services address, and how can you create something that addresses the what and the why behind your programs, without giving away the how?

Be specific.

Getting specific might feel contradictory to growing your business because it might alienate people. However, when you address specific needs, you establish your trustworthiness and build a relationship with the right kinds of clients. So, don’t be afraid to really hone in on a specific topic or need when creating your lead magnet. Here are some examples:

  • Instead of a guide to Burn Fat Fast create a Lean Legs and Buns Guide.
  • Instead of 5 Marketing Tips that Work create 5 Strategies to Grow Your Business Using Instagram
  • Instead of a 5 Day Exercise and Meal Plan create 5 Kettlebell Workouts to Get You Shredded

There are a million generic lead magnets out there specific so you stand out!

Be practical.

Giving people actual tools to solve their problems is a fantastic way to grow your email list quickly. Offering a free workbook, worksheet or interactive guide that someone can begin using immediately will go a long way to bringing in the right types of clients.

For example you could create:

  • A macro tracker
  • Daily Checklist for Working Moms
  • Sample Meal Planning Worksheet
  • Photographer’s pre-shoot checklist
  • Weekly Live Video Planner

Solving a problem with a tool your followers can use is a great way to become their go-to person. Once you’ve established yourself as an expert in their minds, you will be able to make sales a lot more easily.

Newsletters are truly a thing of the past. People are no longer interested in receiving news and tips in exchange for their email address. However, once you’ve given them something they can truly use and have established yourself as someone they know, like and trust, they will be more than happy to click open when your tips, tricks and sales hit their inboxes.