If you’ve listened to me for any amount of time, then you know I am a huge proponent of using live video to grow your business. Live video is truly the very best way to build your know-like- trust factor, share valuable content, and market your products, services or programs. The Facebook algorithm absolutely loves live video and will push your videos into your friends’ feeds much more often than any type of static post you throw up on your wall.

If you are looking for a no-cost way to grow your reach and make sales, then you simply can’t avoid live video any longer.

However, I know live video can be scary. I am often asked by the ladies in my Business Accelerator Workshop how to move past the fear when going live. Here are a few tips that help me feel more confident when broadcasting live:

Pre-plan your content.

I pre-plan my content every time I hop on. I write out notes on the notepad on my computer or on a sticky note I keep beside my computer. I highly recommend you do this for your broadcasts, as it keeps you from rambling and gives you a solid guide for where you want to go during your video. You definitely don’t want to read directly from notes, but you do want to have your main points written out, so you use your time wisely and sound like the professional you are!

Bring a buddy.

This might sound a little funny to you, but there is strength in numbers. I often bring Brandon into my Facebook live broadcasts, not because he has a ton to add, but because I am more confident when he is there with me! If you don’t have anyone at home you can bring into your videos, try a split screen interview with a friend or influencer using BeLive.TV.

Recognize you may mess up.

Set the proper expectations before going live. Sometimes I mess up within the first 30 seconds of going live. When that happens, I simply stop my broadcast, delete it, and start over. Being confident when broadcasting live is going to take time and practice. The only way to get there is by doing it over and over. No one expects perfection, so get out there, give it your best shot, give yourself grace, and if you need to, hit the delete button. You can practice going live and only broadcasting to yourself by hitting the “Only Me” option in your settings before you start.

Don’t share fluff.

This is a freebie...but is super important. There is nothing I hate more than when someone gets on live video or a podcast and shares fluff. Since you’re pre-planning your content, be sure that it is valuable and helpful to those watching. When you know you are sharing information that will truly help people, you will be a lot more confident about sharing it!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: you have got to utilize live video to grow your business in today’s online world. Yes, that’s scary. However, it is totally something you can do. Plan your content, adjust your expectations, bring a friend and offer value...over and over again. As you do, you will find your confidence levels slowly creeping up and will soon be rocking your live video broadcasts!

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