Whether you are snowed in this weekend or soaking up the vitamin D like we are, I hope you are finding some time to hustle hard and work towards your goals. While I am a firm believer in rest and enjoying your life and the people in it, I also know that true success only comes to those who work incredibly hard. In fact, the women I am privileged to work with are truly some of the hardest working women in the industry. As their mentor, I take my job of teaching of teaching them to create systems that maximize their efforts seriously. However, I know that there  is no substitute for the daily grind, and the women I work with truly bring that reality to life in some big ways.

One such woman is Simone Lovell. Simone is trainer and meal planning guru. Through her Meal Prep For Weight Loss Academy and Trainer Hiit Online programs, she helps busy women find their fittest selves. Her free guide “Why Dieting is Making You Fat” has 5 free tips to help you meal prep so you lose weight without feeling. This guide will help you with pre-planning and pre-prepping your food in advance, which can be a total game-changer in terms of weight loss for many! This guide has lots of tips to help you meal prep with ease, so you can get closer to your weight loss goals.

In addition, Simone is hustling both smarter and harder to grow her online fitness programs. Her Meal Prep for Weight Loss Academy walks clients through an in depth process to prep like a boss for maximum weight loss results. I’ve loved working with Simone, and watching her grow her business.

Here’s what she’s had to say about working with me and my team:

“Working with Amanda and her team has been life changing. For the first time in my business, I am not making stuff up as I go or flying by the seat of my pants. Finally I have a vision, a goal and carefully laid out action steps to get me there. I am blown away by the success I have achieved over the last 6 weeks, far surpassing my initial financial goals. I am so excited about continuing to work with Amanda and her A-TEAM, making this into a sustainable business and powerfully serving more people than ever before!"

Seeing women like Simone crush their goals, by helping women live their healthiest lives, is truly one of my greatest joys. I know that the sky is truly the limit for those in the wellness industry who have real solutions and a real work ethic. These are the women I choose to work with, and these are the women who are ultimately successful. If you’d like to follow Simone on her journey, you can connect via Facebook and Instagram.

If you are interested in working with me and my digital marketing agency for both mentorship and done-for-you services, set up a quick consultation here! I am very selective about who I work with and have a limited number of spots available for my business mentorship program, so only set up a consult if you are truly interested in investing in yourself, your business and your future!