Whether you are a FASTer Way to Fat Loss affiliate or partnered with a network marketing company, you have the potential to earn a significant income if you implement strategies that really work. Here are a few simple things that you can do to maximize your earning potential from your affiliate and network marketing partnerships.

Choose the right partnerships.

This feels like a simple, common sense place to start. However, you have no idea how many women really miss the mark on this.  Yes, you need to love the product you’re selling, but that’s not the only thing that matters. I regularly come across women who are working incredibly hard, hustling day and night, implementing sound marketing strategies, yet not seeing any real results. They wonder what they are doing wrong, and most of the time, it’s nothing! In many circumstances it is simply poor timing in the marketplace for their partner company. This is truly something you can do nothing about, no matter how hard you hustle. In addition, many of these women are working hard only to get a tiny percentage of the profits made off of that hard work. I recently spoke with a woman who had an affiliate partnership that was only paying her 4% of the sales she was making. This is truly not worth it friends!! If you find yourself partnered with a company that the market is not receptive to, or find yourself not getting compensated generously, you have the freedom to step away from the partnership, and find another that will be more profitable!

It’s not all about you.

While it is important to share your own story with your followers and friends, recognize that you limit yourself if that’s all you share. While many will resonate with your starting point and your journey, many will not. To better connect with your followers, be sure to share the stories of others who have experienced their own transformations. Sharing the story of someone you referred to a program or product gives your claims greater validity and will connect with more of your audience!

Implement a clear content marketing strategy and calendar.

Don’t post to your social media accounts mindlessly. Be strategic about posting, be consistent with posting and be persistent with posting. People need to see your content at least 21 times before they will be willing to make a purchase. Considering the fact that only a small percentage of people actually see what you post each time you throw something up there, you need to be posting often and over long periods of time before you will begin to see a return on your posts. In order to this effectively, you have to have a plan and a schedule for your content across your social media platforms.

Utilize important cutting edge strategies.

There is so much noise online today. You’ve got to stand out by using strategies that work. You’ve got to be using Instagram Stories to connect with your followers and convert them. You’ve got to be on Facebook live regularly. If you have non-millenials in your niche market, then you need to continue to send out regular emails. As an affiliate or network marketer, the same basic principles apply when it comes to online marketing strategy. This is something my digital marketing agency handles for female entrepreneurs because it can be overwhelming to figure out and implement everything necessary to successfully cut through the noise online. If you're interested in learning more about these services check out The Agency Side website, and schedule a 20 minute free consult. If you are a FASTer Way affiliate or partnered with a network marketing company, be on the lookout for a free webinar to help you leverage your partnership, in the next few weeks.