How to Make More and Work Less

How to Make More and Work Less

I know what you want as an entrepreneur…

You want to make more money, work less, have financial peace and spend more time with your friends and family. Many of you don’t just want these things for the sake of improving your own life, but so that you might also be able to use that money to give back and make a difference.

While I am the owner of a thriving 7 figure fitness business, my greatest value in the marketplace is actually in helping entrepreneurs just like you earn a significant income to then be able to give back to family, church and community. I truly believe this is the most effective way to bring about change in the world, and it is truly why I do what I do.

The more I work with entrepreneurs in the wellness industry, the more I am convinced there is absolutely no quarter more important than the 4th quarter. This may seem somewhat counter-intuitive as the 1st quarter is traditionally the highest grossing for those in the health and wellness industry. However, if you are not hustling, strategizing and  implementing in the 4th quarter, then people like me and the ladies I work with, will end up with all of your clients in January! It simply is not going to cut it, slacking off during October, November and December, if you expect to kill it in January. You have to get your content and your programs out there consistently so when January rolls around, you are the person that comes to mind when your followers are ready to make a purchase and sign up for a fitness or wellness program.

So, what can you do to get serious now for success in the coming months?

Focus and Simplify.

This truly is THE most important thing you can do right now. If you are like most entrepreneurs, then you have a new idea every 20 minutes. The problem with this is that too many revenue streams will actually hurt your bottom line. They confuse your audience, split your attention, and make your life considerably more complicated. However, when you focus on one main revenue stream at a time, you are able to clearly brand and create consistent messaging regarding who you are and what you do. In addition, you can focus on iterating and perfecting your offering, so it ends up being unbeatable in terms of value. Having one main focus will help you simplify your systems, and allow you to focus on growing your business.

The best type of program to focus on is something easily scalable. The temptation for those in the wellness industry is to go for the higher end coaching clients that require one-on-one service. This is a quick way to make some cash, but it comes with a ton of strings attached. You are limited in the number of clients you can serve, because there are only so many hours in the day. You will in essence be at the beck and call of those clients; a way most of us don’t want to live.

My feature program, The FASTer Way to Fat Loss, is the only program I have promoted for the last two years. The amazing thing about this type of program is that I can run it with 1 client or 1000 clients, using the same amount of time and effort. With this being my only focus, I have been able to perfect it, so it is now the very best program on the market. In addition, I have been able to hone in on affiliate marketing in a huge way to grow the reach of this program. I have consistently marketed the program in a simple, clear way. People now quickly associate me with intermittent fasting and carb cycling, and I’ve gotten thousands of testimonials that prove the program works. These are critical to marketing and have served me incredibly well.  If I had 5 different programs running, the FASTer Way would not be nearly as successful as it is, nor would I have such effective marketing and systems in place. If I had chosen to focus on one-on-one clients, I would be able to do nothing else. Even at a higher price point, the amount of time necessary to serve clients well one-on-one is significantly higher than serving my FASTer Way clients well. I would be making less money overall and working more hours to meet the needs of my clients. A scalable program like the FASTer Way has enabled me to grow my bottom line without sacrificing time with my family, in a way that is truly effective for my clients. There is truly no better way to build a successful, sustainable business.

Take it from me, I have tried and failed many times trying to do too much. I have also run myself ragged trying to meet the needs of my one-on-one clients. I will say it again: focusing on one scalable program will help you simplify your systems and your life, while growing your bottom line significantly!

The next few months are truly crunch time for those in the health and wellness industry. If you are serious about crushing it in January, then now is your time. Create, iterate, strategize, market and implement like crazy, then watch as your programs fill up in 2018!

Looking to grow a significant income while focusing on an incredibly effective online fitness program? I have certified some incredible women as FASTer Way to Fat Loss coaches over the last 6 months. One of those women has grown her business to over $100,000 since May. The power of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss is truly unbeatable. This business in a box will help you earn your investment back in a matter of weeks. You will get to create a sustainable and significant income, while helping others reach their health and fitness goals. There truly is no better way to build a business!  In order to go through the certification program, you must go through one round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss to ensure you truly love the program and that it fits with your own lifestyle and convictions.


If you are already certified in the health and wellness industry as a personal trainer, nutritionist, naturopathic doctor, dietician or wellness coach, then you would probably be a better fit for my business mentorship + agency services package. This program will help you focus on using your skills, training and experience to create your own online program that is simple, effective and easily scalable. We will focus on the development of your program all the way through the marketing, branding and implementation of your program. You will have my guidance as your business coach and the support of my agency team to get things done.

If you are serious about making more money and working less, then you’ve got to focus and simplify. Now is the time, health and wellness pros. This quarter is when you need to be strategizing, hustling and putting things into place so that clients roll in come January. To determine which program is the best fit for you, set up an information consult call asap. During this quick 20 minute chat we will determine the right place for you based on your needs and experience. These programs are priced identically, but the cost of the business mentorship program will be doubling beginning January 1st. I only have a few slots available for both of these programs, so if you are interested, setup your call today!

3 Things to Include in Every Live Video

3 Things to Include in Every Live Video

I’ve talked a good bit about the power of live video and how to overcome your fear of going live in previous posts. However, you may be thinking, “what should I do once I am ready to face my fear and go live?” While the content you cover should be specific to your audience and their pain points, there are three things everyone should include in every live video they broadcast.  

Before we dive into those three things, here are a few basic best practices to keep in mind while going live.

Live Video Best Practices               

Be prepared. Plan your content in advance and use notes to keep you on track. I use the notes app on my computer and literally go through them point by point every time I go live. I rarely ever wing it, and when I do, it doesn't go well.

Let people know when you will be live. First, it’s okay if people don’t tune in right away, or at all. Many will watch the replay, so don’t stress. However, if you can, give people a heads up about when you will be live by posting on FB and IG with a teaser and a link to your page.

Ask for interaction. During your broadcast you will get more algorithm love if people are interacting. This lets the FB people know there is some kind of value in what you are sharing. So, ask people to comment and give you a thumbs up. I often ask people to give me a thumbs up if they can hear me, then will ask generic questions people can easily answer. Just FYI...there is a delay on live video, so don’t just move on when you ask a can even reiterate a few seconds later to get a bit more engagement!
Keep it short. Time is the most precious commodity people have. Keep your videos packed with info and as short as possible. 5-10 minutes is an ideal length of time.

3 Things You Should Include in Every Live Video

Elevator pitch

Your elevator pitch is a quick summary of what you do and who you serve. This should be included at the beginning of every live video because it lets your audience know who you’re speaking to and what you have to offer them. This may seem silly if you are broadcasting live to your friends and family. However, you want to provide viewers with content that is shareable and helpful beyond your inner circle, which means doing an elevator pitch at the start of each video will be helpful to those watching your videos through social shares.  Plus, if you get in the habit when starting out, you will be in the habit when your audience grows and new people tune in regularly.

3-5 Valuable points related to your topic

Remember, each needs to provide value for your viewers. Be sure to share 3-5 helpful tips, tricks or pieces of information in every live video. You want to be known as an expert in your field and the go-to person for your service. If you’re regularly sharing helpful information, people will begin to associate you more and more with that type of content and come to you when they are ready to invest.

Call to action

The purpose of live video is to generate leads and turn them into sales. This is why every live video needs to have a clear call to action. Your call to action should not always be a heavy sales pitch. In fact, most of the time, it should be a call to opt in for a lead magnet. This will help you build your email list and foster a long term relationship with potential clients. When launching a product or service, you can and should do a call to action for a sale. However, most of the time you want to use your live videos solely for lead generation. At times, your call to action can be as simple as sharing your video with friends.

Live video is an incredibly effective way to grow your reach and connect with ideal clients. When used properly it can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Including these three things in every live video will help you establish yourself as a truly professional expert in your field, making you a more trustworthy investment when the time comes.

Ready for more live video strategy to help you grow your bottom line? Are you finally beginning to believe in the power of live video to accelerate the growth of your business? If so, then you need to sign up for my next round of Live Video Academy before spots are gone. The ladies in my current group are completely blowing their live video practices out of the water. This course is truly having a huge effect on these ladies’ businesses and I couldn’t be more thrilled to see their success. If you are ready to get in on this action and learn how to use live video like a pro, join us November 6th by signing up today!

What's Holding You Back From Going Live

What's Holding You Back From Going Live

I’ve been preaching the power of live video for a while now. In fact, I just launched my Live Video Academy because I truly believe live video is the most effective tool female entrepreneurs have to connect with the right people and turn those people into paying clients.

With all that said, even I can let things hold me back from going live. I still get nervous, just like many of you. Here’s why...

What holds us back from going live with confidence?

Fear of criticism

One of the reasons I’m sometimes hesitant to go live is that I don’t want people to criticize me and the things I’m sharing. The truth is, the more success we have, the more open we become to the criticism of others. The internet gives us all a platform. Some of us use it to build, create and encourage. Others use it to criticize and spread negativity. The more followers you have, the more likely you are to interact with the latter group on some level. There is no shortage of criticism online and the fear of it can hold many of us back.

Fear of looking dumb

If I am being completely honest, I don’t want to go live because I don’t want to look dumb. I don’t want to get on there and stumble over my words, or ramble. I don’t want to get on there when my hair isn’t on point or when I’ve just thrown on my workout clothes. Looking dumb is a huge fear that can creep in just before I hit the go live button.

I am not sure what to say

While I’m sure you think I am never at a loss for words, I often feel like I don’t have much to share. I think that no one really wants to hear what I have to say, or that what I would say is not all that valuable. This will often hold me back from going live, as I don’t believe there is really any reason for me to add to the noise online.

My epic fails...that’s right, there’s more than one!

A few months ago, I did a live video with the intention of giving women the freedom to step away from network marketing partnerships that were not profitable. I had seen so many women depleted and feeling like a failure because they couldn’t make their network marketing partnership work. I wanted to address the issue and let women know they did not need to be all things at all times. If they were not destined to be a business owner then that was truly okay.

However, during the video, I went off script and mentioned a specific demographic of people that I believed should not be business owners. I quickly began to receive comments, and realized that I actually have several friends who fit this demographic and are successful business owners. Lost in my passion were my good intentions, and I ended up sending several apology emails and text messages that week. I was so thankful to receive so much grace, and felt horrible.  It felt a bit like a face plant in front of thousands of people. Thankfully, I was able to recover and make things right.

Then, just a little while ago, I did a follow up video on a related topic. I saw that it was getting some great traction and that it had been shared by several people. I hopped on to see who was sharing, assuming it was because they liked the message. Boy was I wrong. Three different people had shared the video solely to criticize me for using my hands too much. People were then commenting on how much I moved not only my hands, but my head.  Basically all of these people were making fun of the way I speak, paying no attention at all to what I was actually saying. To say that this hurt would be an understatement. Talking with my hands is just a thing I do when I am passionate. It is very much who I am, and something I’ve worked on in the past. Live video seems to highlight this, and several people had lots of thoughts on that. For a minute, I wanted to call it a day and stop going live. But I didn’t.

I pushed past all of these things because...

It is truly my mission to help female entrepreneurs earn a significant income so they can recirculate that money back into family, church and community. I believe that is the most effective way to bring about change in the world. So, I have to move past my own fears and provide value for my clients and followers.

At the end of the day, I know I can truly help people grow their business and change the world as a result. It really isn’t about me, it’s about my clients.

If I am able to truly help the women I am called to help, then I can deal with people making fun of my hand motions, or going live with a terrible haircut. Sometimes I have to just get over myself and move forward, knowing I have been called to do certain things, and need to be faithful to do those things, despite my fears.

If you’ve been called to build a business, and online marketing will help you do that, then you need to look at what’s holding you back and hold it up against that calling.

Yes, fear is real. People may criticize you. They may make fun of you. You may say the wrong thing and have to send out apology emails, or take down a video. But, if you can truly help people, then do it anyway.

You simply cannot grow your business in today's online market without effectively leveraging the power of live video.  Our Live Video Academy is designed to help you utilize cutting edge strategies to maximize your effectiveness on live video so  you can grow your bottom line! The next round starts October 30th. Spots are going quickly, so reserve yours today!

Platinum Mentorship Program is Officially Open!

Platinum Mentorship Program is Officially Open!

I am thrilled to be starting a new program in September that is bringing me back to my roots. While I am super excited about what this program will provide for my clients, I need to give you a little background before diving into the deliverables.

A Little Background

For the last 10 years I have worked in the fitness industry helping women get stronger and healthier through various in person and online programs, most recently through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. This is truly my passion and something I absolutely love doing every day. However, what many people don’t realize is that my professional background is in digital marketing. All of my working experience has been in that field, and for the last 5 or 6 years I have been working in various capacities as a digital marketing consultant.

As the founder of the Agency Side, a full service digital marketing agency, I have been able to marry my passion for fitness and experience as a digital marketing expert using both of those skill sets to help countless female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry successfully grow their businesses.

The Mission

It is truly my mission to understand and satisfy the strategy, content and design needs of female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry. I do this because I am passionate about helping women earn significant income so they can recirculate that money back into family, church and community. Because women typically give at far higher rates than men, I truly believe that equipping women to earn significant income is the most effective way to bring about change in the world.

The Evolution of my Programs and Services

When I first started consulting, my main focus was on business strategy meetings with my clients. I would help them get their business started, and then help them scale those businesses effectively. We met regularly and for a tiny amount of money. My clients saw significant results and I began to see another need they had...done-for-you services.

So, we moved to a managed services package that provided clients with strategy, content and design. They got monthly projects written and designed, in addition to strategy calls with both me and my team. This was helpful in a lot of ways, but ended up being a lot for clients. They had to constantly think through how to get things turned in so we could design and write for them. This added an extra layer of pressure that many clients weren’t ready for.

Which brings me to right now.

I am bringing it back to where everything started with my 90 Day Platinum Mentorship program. This program is going to focus once again on strategy. What I am finding more and more often is that my clients need guidance, direction, and a clear blueprint for success. They need a true coach to lay things out for them and then hold them accountable. There is still a need for services, but that is not as pressing as the need for someone to help them walk the right path, the right way, at the right time, in terms of growing a business. This mentorship program will provide all of that for female entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their health and wellness businesses.  

In the 90 Day Platinum Mentorship you will get:

  • 1 or 2 meetings with Amanda per month (up to 45 min)
  • Writing and *design deliverables for the quarter
  • Private online community
  • Monthly mastermind calls
  • VIP Weekend opportunity

This 90 day program is NOT for the faint of heart. It will require a lot of hustle and a lot of work. It is not for new business owners. However, it is designed for those ready to take their business to the next level.

Why Now?

I am launching this program in September for a few reasons. The first is that I am having this baby sometime in late December/early January. Once she comes, I will be slowing things down a bit, so a September launch date is ideal. Second, I truly believe that the 4th quarter is the most important time for hustling, marketing and producing content for those in the health and wellness space. Come January 1st, you don’t want to be picking back up, you want to have hundreds of clients signed up for your programs, paid and ready to go. That only happens if you don’t take a break during the 4th quarter.

Who is an Ideal Fit for this Program?

I teased this program a few days ago, and already have women interested, ready to sign on the dotted line. That means there isn’t much room left. In addition, I am going to be highly selective when it comes to this mentorship program. A good fit would be someone who:

  • Has a goal of earning multiple 6 figures or 7 figures in the next year
  • Has an established, viable business
  • Is in the wellness industry*
  • Is willing to dream big and work hard
  • Needs guidance to take things to the next level
  • Has a clear income goal, and is willing to dive into the numbers
  • Has a desire and the availability to participate in a VIP weekend

Bonus points for someone with a team to help them implement, but this is not a deal breaker, since I do have a team that can help.

*If you are in another industry, but think you may be a good fit for this program, schedule a call and let’s chat. My preference is health and wellness, but I have worked with many entrepreneurs in various industries before, and am willing to consider your specific circumstances and goals!

The only way to be considered for this program is to set up a free consult call with me. Again, this program is selective with limited openings. If you think you might be a good fit, sign up for a consult ASAP before spots are gone.

To read more about the specifics of the mentorship, head on over here!

I cannot wait to see the way these clients crush their goals over our 90 days together. Watching other women succeed is truly one of my greatest joys in life, so this mentorship program is something that I am incredibly excited about. Be sure to schedule your consult today!

Ideal Product Flow for Wellness Professionals: How to Make 6 Figures Per Year

Ideal Product Flow for Wellness Professionals: How to Make 6 Figures Per Year

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times...there is no better time than right now to be a female entrepreneur in the wellness industry. Today’s marketplace is truly wide open for women wanting to earn a significant income in the health and wellness space, and my commitment is to help you figure out exactly how to do that!

Before I lay out an effective product flow, I want to be clear that there is not one specific product flow that will work for every business owner. However, this is the flow I have used to grow a 7-figure fitness business, and one that many of my clients have used to grow their own businesses, significantly. This is a general outline to follow, that you can tweak and adapt to meet your clients’ needs and your business goals.

Tripwire Product

A tripwire product is a low cost product that helps you distinguish between leads and conversions. You can have a million followers, but if they don’t ever convert to paying clients, then what good is that?

My tripwire product is the FASTer Way to Fat Loss cookbook. This cookbook is an intro to intermittent fasting and carb cycling, provides clients with an overview of the FASTer Way food cycle and provides them with some delicious recipes they can use immediately. It also teases the FASTer Way program, which is the next step in my product flow. The cost for my cookbook is $24.99; priced high enough to make it profitable for me, but low enough to make it a no-brainer for potential clients.

While tripwire products are important, I usually tell the women I coach to focus first on the feature program, and then create their tripwire product.

Feature Program

Your feature program is your bread and butter. It is the program you want to spend time perfecting and tweaking to ensure your clients get incredible results. A good price point for this program is around $200, and is usually something like a 6 week online group bootcamp. Your tripwire product should be designed to draw people into your feature product, and you ideally want your clients to love your feature product so much they want to go through it at least twice!

My feature product is the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, my 6 week online bootcamp. I spent a LONG time perfecting this program so that anyone who truly follows it will see incredible results and be able to adopt the program as a true lifestyle. I charge $199 for the FASTer Way and have had incredible success with it over the last two years. My goal is to have all clients who go through the program once sign up for a second round (I just wrote a post about why 6 weeks isn’t enough), and then I give them the opportunity to filter into my membership program.

Membership Option

After clients have gone through your feature program once or twice, it is wise to have a membership program to filter them into at a lower, recurring price point. This is where you can offer more advanced strategies, continue to provide them with your services (meal plans, workouts, etc) and provide an online community for them moving forward. A membership option provides you with recurring income, which means a little peace of mind for you moving forward.

I recently created my FASTer Way VIP membership, which is solely for those who have gone through at least two rounds of my FASTer Way program. This membership provides ongoing workouts and support for my clients, in addition to in-depth training each month. I bring in some of the best mentors around and provide my VIP members with lots of great info to continue seeing results through the FASTer Way lifestyle.

Following this product flow, you don’t need thousands of clients to make a 6 figure income! Watch how this system will get you to your goal.

Let’s say you have…

  • 15 clients per month who purchase your tripwire product at @$24.99 = $374.85
  • 25 clients per month who sign up for your feature program @$199 = $4975
  • 30 clients who sign up for your membership site @$99 =$2970
  • Blog commissions/affiliate programs = $500

Total monthly revenue=$8,819.85, which would translate to $105,838 per year…with only 70 clients!!

Ideally, that membership option would grow over time and you would bring in more and more leads for your tripwire product and feature program. But, you don’t need to make 1000’s of sales per month to make 6 figures. You just have to hustle, convert and work hard to deliver incredible results, keeping in mind it is NOT solely about the money, but the number of lives you are changing for the better!

Again, there is no one size fits all approach, but this is how I have grown the FASTer Way brand successfully in just under 2 years. It has also been getting my clients some incredible success with their online programs, so for the most part, this will fit the needs of most female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry!

Want to learn more about how to market and grow your personal program? My mentorship programs are designed specifically for female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry. There is no one out there who is more equipped to help you than me and my team. The wellness industry is our specialty, and we provide you with both strategy and content, as well as design and technology services. The prices for my online mentorship programs will be close to doubling in January, so be sure to hop on now to lock in at a lower rate. Those who invest in these programs see such significant ROI that they often make back their initial investment within a few months. To learn more and schedule a consult, click the button below!

Why I Haven't Checked My Email Since January

Why I Haven't Checked My Email Since January

About 6 months ago, I put out an S.O.S message asking you all for some help. My email situation had gotten a little out of hand and was causing me some significant stress!

Since then, I have put a few things in place that have exponentially improved the situation! These tips are incredibly beneficial to anyone running their own business, and will help you focus on the activities that only you can do to move your business forward. Since implementing these things, I have so much more peace, am more productive, and am able to stay more positive throughout the day.

So, if you want to free yourself from the burden of email and constant contact, try implementing a few of these things!

Create an autoresponder.

One of the best things I have done, thanks to the great advice of my followers, was create an autoresponder that answers common questions, sets a realistic response-time expectation, and sends the emailer to various places they can have their questions answered: blogs, FAQ’s, my team, etc. This saves a lot of time and lets clients know they will not be hearing back from me in a few seconds!

Create a comprehensive FAQ section on your website.

If I am going to send people to my FAQ page in my autoresponder, then I obviously have to have a substantial FAQ page on my site. This has been particularly helpful in my fitness business, and as we get more questions from clients, we use them to beef up the page so in the future we can redirect them there.

I do not answer my emails.

My team answers email for me. If they have an issue or question they text me, but they know to keep these kinds of texts to a minimum. Over the years we have gotten so many of the same questions that my teammates know the answer to almost everything that comes our way. I trust them to handle this well, and know when to pull me in!

Some other tips to help you stay sane and focused…

These aren’t necessarily related to email, but go along with being constantly reachable.

Remove text messages from your lockscreen.

When my phone is locked, I don’t get text messages. This keeps me from constantly being distracted during consults each day.

Turn off social media notifications.

Do this now. Seriously. You do not need a pop-up every time someone likes one of your Instagram photos. Turn them all off! I don’t even look at my FB notifications. I simply pop into my groups, interact and engage that way, then head out of there. With over 100 notifications everytime I log in, I would never get out of that rabbit hole! I also don’t check FB messages often, and let people know that this is not an effective way to get in touch with me.

Put your phone on Do Not Disturb.

I leave mine on Do Not Disturb all of the time, but recommend at least leaving it in this mode during times you are working to finish something.

Set clear expectations with your clients up front.

When someone joins one of your programs, or begins working with you, let them know:

  1. Exactly how you want them to contact you, and how they should NOT be contacting you.

  2. How long it typically takes for you to respond. Be realistic and remember, don’t do for 1 what you can’t do for 300.

When possible, hire help.

The reason I can go 6 months without checking email is because I have an amazing team that can answer the messages for me. I place a HUGE emphasis on customer service, so I can’t afford to just ignore everyone all the time. However, with an effective team in place, customer service stays in tact and I can focus my efforts elsewhere.

You do not have to be a slave to every person vying for your attention. You are responsible for moving your business forward. You are responsible for creating and marketing. You have to be doing money-producing activities, every. single. day. So, do what you have to in order to ensure you are focused, positive and as relaxed as possible. That may mean giving email the boot!

3 Reasons to End Your Network Marketing Partnership and 1 Reason to Stay

3 Reasons to End Your Network Marketing Partnership and 1 Reason to Stay

If you are partnered with a network marketing company, it may be time to throw in the towel and call it quits…

...or maybe not!

As a digital marketing expert, I have the unique opportunity to see women partnered with all types of network marketing companies. Because of this, and the fact that I am not partnered with a network marketing company at this time, I am able to offer an unbiased outsider’s perspective. I can honestly say that many women need to consider ending their partnership. Here are three reasons why...

Your purpose does not include running a business.

As women we are pressured to do it all: look like a fitness model, raise the next generation with excellence, cook a healthy meal for our family every night, and run a successful business. Here’s the deal though, not every woman is destined to be a business owner, and that is okay! If you are not meant to be a business owner, then you are wasting time, spinning your wheels on something that isn’t yours to do. If it is not in line with your God given purpose, don’t do it. You won’t be satisfied or fulfilled, no matter how hard you work!

It is incredibly frustrating to watch women feel like failures because they are pouring time and energy into something they weren’t meant to do at the expense of things they were. Do what you are called to do, ladies. If that is to be an incredible stay at home mom, do that. If that is to be a teacher, a nurse or a CEO, go for it. If it was network marketing, then by all means, hang in there. If not, consider walking away.

You are not making money or seeing a return on your investment.

If you aren’t making money commensurate with the work you are putting in, then it may be time to step away from your partnership. If you are working hard, grinding every day, then it may not be your fault that you aren’t earning significant income.  Maybe the company hit its tipping point 5 years ago and those who joined then are making a large income, but if you aren’t, then it may just be bad timing in the marketplace or perhaps the market is oversaturated with consultants. If it isn’t an ideal time in the marketplace, you are spinning your wheels and should call it quits. No matter how hard you work, you won’t see ROI if it isn’t a good time for the company in the marketplace.

If you're losing friends and feeling spammy, then it’s time to call it quits.

If you’re feeling spammy, then it’s because you are likely doing spammy things. If you feel pressure to act in a spammy way, then it’s time to say goodbye to that network marketing company. If you are starting relationships for the sole purpose of getting others to buy your products or join your team...then it’s time to step away.

While there are obviously reasons to leave, there is one main reason to STAY in your network marketing partnership...

You are making money, have flexibility and love the products and lifestyle you are living.

If you are earning passive or residual income, and are enjoying your partnership, then by all means continue. If you are truly living a flexible lifestyle and not just working another job, then continue. If you are absolutely loving the products because they solve real problems, and love the lifestyle you are living, then keep your partnership right where it is.

Ladies, many of you need to step down from your network marketing partnership. Please hear me when I say there is no shame in doing so. You do not have to do it all. Do the things you are called to do with complete passion and focus and say goodbye to everything else!

I am regularly asked about network marketing companies that are worth partnering with based on timing in the marketplace. Here are some that I would recommend in today’s market.

Beautycounter- because they offer non-toxic self care products, they solve a real problem and most consultants are doing quite well!  

Lularoe- if you are willing to work full time on your business, this is a fantastic option for a partnership. I also like that the buy-in is high, because that draws in a certain type of consultant.  

Rodan and Fields- this is a company I really love right now. The products are phenomenal and there is great brand recognition in today’s market. The higher prices mean you draw in clients who have money to spend. Plus, they are expanding into Australia which means they’re growing their reach.

Isagenix- this company offers a fantastic compensation structure with a focus on nutrition, so is a great fit for wellness professionals or those with an interest in the wellness industry.

LipSense- right now this company is really taking off, so if you are interested, now is the time to join.

DoTerra/Young Living-the products are great, and they solve real problems, so are a fantastic option for those wanting to partner with a network marketing company.

Stop Signing Up for Things!

Literally everywhere you turn, there is someone offering another download, webinar, workshop or class. There are huge promises attached to every offer and most of them fail to deliver…leaving you scratching your head and more confused than when you started. While I absolutely believe there is a ton of great information out there, consider a few of the following things before you spend any more money or time on another download, workshop, webinar or class.

Do you have the time to work through the material... and implement it?

While there is a ton of great stuff out there, we simply cannot implement all of it. So, before you hop on the next resource ask yourself if you really have the margin to go through the material and put it into practice. If the answer is no, but it is content you feel like you really need then you have two options: make the time to go through and implement or wait a while until you have more time.

Is the creator someone who has truly built the kind of business or life you want to emulate?

If you are going to buy something that teaches you how to build a six-figure income, do some digging to find out if the person who’s created the content has actually built a six-figure income. Does the creator of the resource live in a way that is appealing to you? Do they market in a way you would feel comfortable marketing? Does their brand, mission and values resonate with you? If not, then you could end up with a ton of strategies that you never feel comfortable using, or that don’t really get you to where you’d like to be.

Are there testimonials that come from people LIKE YOU?

It isn’t terribly difficult to get testimonials these days, so consider where these testimonials are coming from. Are they from people who are in a similar stage as you are? Will you have the same type of access to resources as these people did? Do these people have the same type of problem you have that this resource is claiming to solve? If the testimonials are all positive but the people giving them aren’t like you, then you aren’t likely to see the same results.

Will learning something else equip you towards your purpose, or paralyze you with more info you don’t have time for?

Are you in a place where you know exactly what you need to move forward, or are you grabbing at straws for every new thing that promises to grow your business? If you are able to see exactly how a course, workshop or product will help you move forward towards your passion, then by all means invest your time and money. If you aren’t sure how this particular program will move you forward, but it sounds like something you “should” invest in, then it isn’t for least not right now.

Does the resource actually solve a problem you have, or just load you down with more than you need to worry about?

There is a ton of info out there that would be great to have, but it doesn’t actually solve a problem you are facing. If the course, product or download doesn’t directly address your pain-points, skip it and look for something that does. If you are a busy woman trying to run a business and a home, you don’t have time to waste on stuff that doesn’t address your actual needs.

You don’t have to hop on every resource, class, webinar and program available to you. Consider who the creator is, and what the benefit of the resource will be to moving your business forward. Also be sure you have the time and margin to learn the material and then implement it. Be selective with where you invest your time, money and mental focus, so that you can maximize every resource to propel your business forward.

Network Marketing Mistakes to Avoid and Tips to Doing Things Better

I’ve gotten lots of messages lately, on virtually every social media platform out there. Most of these messages are from network marketers who think I would be a good fit for their team. Most of them are canned responses that are obvious and frustrating. While I personally have no resentment towards network marketers, and think it is flattering when they reach out to me thinking I might be a good fit for their team, I do think something needs to change.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to build a business that offers you flexibility. In addition, network marketing is often the gateway to entrepreneurship for many. However, what’s happened over the last two years, as the network marketing industry has grown exponentially, is  there are more and more women marketing their products online. This has cluttered the online space, and created a lot of noise. Most of these women have little to no experience in marketing, so simply follow the lead of their upline or their corporate offices. Unfortunately, they are taught spammy tactics to make sales and grow their teams: which can alienate friends and create an overwhelming pressure to hit their goals.

Some Common Mistakes

Mistake 1

The number one mistake I see network marketing professionals make is posting stock images from corporate, focused solely on making a sale, not solving problems. They post a stock image of a bag of shakes, talk about how this particular brand of shakes is the best, and how for only $10 a day, you too can have these shakes.

Here’s the thing, no one really cares about your shakes unless they are going to do something to solve some kind of problem. This truly is one of the worst ways to market as it completely negates the client’s need, and tries to make a sale without any obvious benefit to client.  

Mistake 2

This is a relatively new strategy, but is growing in popularity. In order to entice people into sales, consultants or associates add their friends, family, and friends of friends to a sale group on Facebook. However, to avoid being slimy and spammy, you must get permission before adding people to groups. I’ve been added to groups, removed myself, then added back several times. People….we’ve got to stop this madness! A major tenant of marketing is gaining the trust of your potential clients. You simply cannot do that without getting their permission to add them to your groups. Plus, when you do this, you are filling your group with a bunch of people who aren’t truly interested or engaged, instead of qualified leads who want what you have.

Mistake 3

This has happened to all of us, and is a huge mistake so many network marketers are making in today’s market. In an effort to get a certain number of “bites”, they send out canned messages to a couple of hundred friends, or friends of friends on Facebook. These messages are typically fail to connect with the person they are messaging on any real, meaningful level. Network marketing friends, if you feel al ittle bit of dissonance in doing this, just don’t do it! If you don’t feel dissonance, then I am telling you, there are way better strategies out there that will be far less spammy, and will lead to greater long term success.

Tips to grow your network marketing business without losing your friends or your mind.

Generate highly qualified leads by genuinely solving problems and offering free resources.

Instead of throwing out stock photos, spend your time creating valuable content that naturally fits with the products you provide. Consider what problems your ideal client may have and how your products can solve those problems. Develop a free ebook, checklist or resource that you can give away for free to people who sign up for your email list.

For  example, if you sell skincare consider creating a lead magnet with tips on how to prevent and reverse sun damage. This is something most women would be interested in downloading, and is timely with spring break and summer coming. Once you’ve written some great content, you can circle back around through an email or message, thanking your potential client for downloading your tips, and making an easy transition into a product that would help solve their issues. If you create a great lead magnet, you will earn people’s trust. Once people trust you, they will be more likely to make a purchase from you, because you are proposing a solution to their problem, not just shoving a product in front of them!

Micro-Influencer Outreach

Once you’ve created  your lead magnet, you can then share that lead magnet with influencers in complimentary industries. For example, if you are partnered with a network marketing company that sells protein shakes, and your lead magnet is 5 Reasons New Moms Need Protein,  you can ask someone who has a Facebook group of 2,000 moms to share your lead magnet with her group. This helps you get in front of 2,000 new eyes, while providing her group with valuable information that will help them live a healthier lifestyle.

Another option would be to reach out to the same influencer and ask her if you could possibly do a live split screen interview in her group, sharing tips about how new moms can find nutritional balance. This too provides the influencer with valuable content for the group, while getting you in front of a larger audience. The important thing here is to link to your free offer and gather emails, not go directly to making a sale!

Think outside the box to grow your community page.

Instead of randomly adding friends to your Facebook group, consider how you can provide them with value, so they actually WANT to be in your group. Consider a free 5 day course or challenge, or a free resource for joining your group. For example, if you sell leggings, offer a free spring style guide to everyone in your group. Again, think about how you can provide value for your group members so they are excited to be there.

Friends, if you are partnered with a network marketing company, it’s time to start thinking like a digital marketer, not like a network marketer. Be a problem solver who happens to provide products to those who need them. Build trust, and run from the spammy, annoying canned marketing tactics corporate preaches. It’s time we stopped this madness friends...there truly is a better way!

How I "Do It All"

One of the most common struggles I hear from female entrepreneurs is implementing the countless ideas they have. They know they need to regularly be creating incredible content, have a sleek and professional looking website, and set up systems to make the daily grind a little simpler. However, those can be incredibly overwhelming things to get done when you are working on your own or with a very small team.

One of the most common things I am asked by aspiring or new female entrepreneurs is how I juggle “it all.”

The truth is, I don’t.

I focus my time and energy on what I believe to be the highest use of my time and delegate the rest. I have writers, a copy editor, an assistant, several designers, tech savvy back-end implementers and a personal chef. Delegating all of that allows me to spend my time moving our companies forward, doing front end marketing, creating effective programs and being the wife and mom my family needs.

I simply do not do it all...and if you want to be effective, you shouldn’t either. You have a wheelhouse. You are amazing at fact, it’s what people come to you for.

But, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you are bogged down in a never ending list of to-do’s that have nothing to do with that wheelhouse.

You are stuck in accounting, tech, and graphic design when you want to be out there creating new workouts for clients.

That’s where the Agency Side comes in. If you are a female entrepreneur struggling to implement and carry out all of your amazing ideas, we have a full service team to help!

We specialize in design, content and strategy so you don’t have to do it all.  My team truly has everything you need to run a successful business. We always deliver top notch work so you look like a true pro.

You need to get back to your wheelhouse. You need to focus on areas that are truly the highest use of you and your time.  You need to let us handle the rest...because delegation is the key to long-term success.

Work Smarter

So about a month ago, I sent out an SOS regarding my email headache. I was literally losing sleep over my emails and knew I needed to do something about it.

Which got me thinking....

Lori Grenier once said, “Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours per week.” While this quote is true, my own experience has taught me it is truly an unhealthy way to live.

Early in my career, I made myself incredibly accessible to clients. I responded within minutes to messages and checked email constantly throughout the day. I regularly under promised and over delivered, thinking that would create loyalty and a lasting client base. But, I was wrong.

What has created loyalty and a lasting client base are excellent services that were truly valued by those investing in them. Over the last year, I’ve found that for me to truly fulfill my life’s purpose, I needed to scale back and focus on essentials.

Since then, I’ve made some changes and set up a few systems that have helped me simplify and focus so I can invest in the activities that will move my business forward and help me fully live out my purpose.

I made a major mindset shift.

John Maxwell said, “You cannot overestimate the unimportance of practically everything.” This truth has helped me take the weight off a bit. There really are very few things that absolutely need to be done each day. Removing the pressure that comes with trying to do a million things every day has allowed me to focus on getting the most important things done and has already made a difference for my business’s bottom line.

Only do for 1 what you’re willing to do for 300.

If you are just starting out, be sure to manage your accessibility to clients. The precedent you set with one, will be what you have to carry out with 300 or 1000 clients. If you answer every email within minutes, clients will learn to expect that kind of response time. That doesn’t sound too bad when you’ve got 5 clients, but will be impossible when you have 50 or 100 clients.

So be careful with how accessible you make yourself, always asking, “is this something I can maintain when my client load doubles, triples or quadruples?” If not, you need to make some changes!

Create an email autoresponder.

Last month I was literally up at night because my email situation was causing me such a huge amount of stress. So, I recently set up an autoresponder that has made a significant difference. If you don’t have one of these, I highly recommend using one.

In my autoresponder, I have links to my FAQ pages, program option pages, and consult appointment page. This answers most questions people email about and lets them know how long they can expect to wait to hear back from me. This also helps me relax a little, knowing I don’t have nearly as many emails to answer!

Be clear about the way you’d like your clients to communicate and what they can expect.

For my FASTer Way to Fat Loss program, I’m extremely clear about how I want my clients to communicate with me. I let them know in the comprehensive guide and the Q+A session that I will not respond to emails or FB messages, but will be checking in daily on the group Facebook pages. I want clients to ask their questions there because I know this cuts back on duplicate questions and answers.  

Take a social media break.

Lately I’ve been getting such a high number of private messages on both Instagram and Facebook, that it’s become incredibly overwhelming. Most of the messages are from people partnered with a network marketing company, who either don’t know me, or don’t know me well enough to connect on a genuine level.

The problem with these requests is they take a significant amount of my time to sort through. While there are some legitimate messages in my inboxes, they are hard to find amid all the clutter. So, I decided to just say no to all things social media, during Lent! I will check in on my client Facebook pages each day, and schedule my Instagram posts. However, I will not be checking ANY messages through Facebook or Instagram because my time is incredibly important and needs to be spent on things that will move my business and life purpose forward!

If you get find yourself lost in a sea of requests that have nothing to do with your business, or real life...just take a break! If you are spending hours scrolling on IG or Facebook, just cut it off for a while. You may be surprised by how much less stressed you feel!

I truly believe it’s time we simplified and focused our hustle on things that will truly move our businesses forward and help us live our purpose. There is no reason to work 80 hours a week if you are intentional, set some boundaries, and streamline your processes.

Take your text notifications off your home screen, turn off email notifications, remove apps from your phone that distract you and delegate in every place you’re able to. Work smarter, so when your work harder, that work makes a difference for your bottom line!

Why You Should Stop Stealing Content

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right? Yes!

Stealing on the other hand... not so much.

If you’ve ever been in my business mentorship programs or workshops then you know I am an open book. My goal is to give clients everything they need to build a significant income to recirculate back into family, church and community. I want my clients to imitate the things I’ve done to grow my business so they too can grow their businesses.

However…I’ve recently had some past clients and social media followers use my exact content without giving me credit. They’ve used my posts, copy, and/or program content and passed it off as their own. That’s not a strategy that’s going to go well for them.

Because I always operate out of the abundance mindset this truly doesn’t bother much; in fact I expect some of this. My company leads the way with authority. Our brand was born to be a leader. The Agency Side takes the alpha stance: we strengthen, we earn respect, we motivate and we guide action. Because we are a role model in the industry, we are often copied. But again, stealing stuff from me...or any other successful entrepreneur, is truly a terrible idea.

Here’s why...

Copying my stuff makes you look bad.

Trying to be like me won’t work. You aren’t me. Instead of pouring time and energy into copying my stuff, consider what YOUR highest value is in today’s marketplace, based on your unique strengths. If you are using my content it is always going to come across as disingenuous. And, you will inevitably attract the wrong leads to your business.

You don’t have my team.

I can promote my products and services because I can back up my promotions. I have a massive team of highly qualified individuals who always deliver. You do not have the same team I do, with the same strengths. You will not be able to provide what you are promoting at the same level I can. This will lead to your own burn out and lots of unhappy clients.

When I work with aspiring entrepreneurs or new business owners, I pour everything I have into helping them establish a thriving business. However, I always focus on helping clients figure out programs and services that are truly unique to their background, expertise, passion, and value in the marketplace. I don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach to online courses, product flow or business models. The cookie cutter approaches don’t work. If you don’t stand out in today’s marketplace then you will undoubtedly be ignored!

Honestly, I don’t lose sleep over people stealing my content. I have a great lawyer who handles these things... and I am more than willing to let him do just that. But ultimately, I lose little sleep because I know the only way to build a sustainably successful business is to be original and provide incredible content and services. If you are stealing things from me, or anyone else, you won’t be able to provide that, and will eventually find yourself struggling.

Come up with your own content, friends. You will have far better ROI when you do.  

Be original, be unique, be honest and lead your business with excellence and integrity.


Say Goodbye to Your Newsletter Opt-In

The newsletter opt-in is dead.

Take down your opt-in boxes, and say your good-byes.

In today’s cluttered market, there are very few people willing to sign up for a generic opt-in like a newsletter. If you want to build your email list...and you should want to build your email list...then it’s time to uplevel your offering.

Instead of a generic newsletter sign up, you will see far greater success in growing your list when you offer an incredibly valuable lead magnet. In order to truly stand out in today’s market, you’ve got to provide exceptional value in everything you put out. If not, you will simply be adding to the noise and people will begin to tune you out.

How do you create an incredibly valuable lead generator?

Explain the Why and the What

When creating your lead magnet always begin with your ideal client’s pain points. You could create something that solves an actual problem, or that educates your ideal client about a need related to their pain point. An effective lead magnet will address the why and the what of a topic, leaving your ideal clients looking for the how.

For example, my FASTer Way to Fat Loss bootcamp implements the cutting edge strategies of intermittent fasting and carb cycling. My lead magnet is a guide to the basics of those strategies. In that guide, I explain what these strategies are why these strategies are effective. I do not give away how they are implemented in my program, because that’s what clients pay for.

Consider how you might be able to do this reverse engineering your paid programs and services. What are some natural pain points your programs and services address, and how can you create something that addresses the what and the why behind your programs, without giving away the how?

Be specific.

Getting specific might feel contradictory to growing your business because it might alienate people. However, when you address specific needs, you establish your trustworthiness and build a relationship with the right kinds of clients. So, don’t be afraid to really hone in on a specific topic or need when creating your lead magnet. Here are some examples:

  • Instead of a guide to Burn Fat Fast create a Lean Legs and Buns Guide.
  • Instead of 5 Marketing Tips that Work create 5 Strategies to Grow Your Business Using Instagram
  • Instead of a 5 Day Exercise and Meal Plan create 5 Kettlebell Workouts to Get You Shredded

There are a million generic lead magnets out there specific so you stand out!

Be practical.

Giving people actual tools to solve their problems is a fantastic way to grow your email list quickly. Offering a free workbook, worksheet or interactive guide that someone can begin using immediately will go a long way to bringing in the right types of clients.

For example you could create:

  • A macro tracker
  • Daily Checklist for Working Moms
  • Sample Meal Planning Worksheet
  • Photographer’s pre-shoot checklist
  • Weekly Live Video Planner

Solving a problem with a tool your followers can use is a great way to become their go-to person. Once you’ve established yourself as an expert in their minds, you will be able to make sales a lot more easily.

Newsletters are truly a thing of the past. People are no longer interested in receiving news and tips in exchange for their email address. However, once you’ve given them something they can truly use and have established yourself as someone they know, like and trust, they will be more than happy to click open when your tips, tricks and sales hit their inboxes.

Using Facebook Live with Confidence

If you’ve listened to me for any amount of time, then you know I am a huge proponent of using live video to grow your business. Live video is truly the very best way to build your know-like- trust factor, share valuable content, and market your products, services or programs. The Facebook algorithm absolutely loves live video and will push your videos into your friends’ feeds much more often than any type of static post you throw up on your wall.

If you are looking for a no-cost way to grow your reach and make sales, then you simply can’t avoid live video any longer.

However, I know live video can be scary. I am often asked by the ladies in my Business Accelerator Workshop how to move past the fear when going live. Here are a few tips that help me feel more confident when broadcasting live:

Pre-plan your content.

I pre-plan my content every time I hop on. I write out notes on the notepad on my computer or on a sticky note I keep beside my computer. I highly recommend you do this for your broadcasts, as it keeps you from rambling and gives you a solid guide for where you want to go during your video. You definitely don’t want to read directly from notes, but you do want to have your main points written out, so you use your time wisely and sound like the professional you are!

Bring a buddy.

This might sound a little funny to you, but there is strength in numbers. I often bring Brandon into my Facebook live broadcasts, not because he has a ton to add, but because I am more confident when he is there with me! If you don’t have anyone at home you can bring into your videos, try a split screen interview with a friend or influencer using BeLive.TV.

Recognize you may mess up.

Set the proper expectations before going live. Sometimes I mess up within the first 30 seconds of going live. When that happens, I simply stop my broadcast, delete it, and start over. Being confident when broadcasting live is going to take time and practice. The only way to get there is by doing it over and over. No one expects perfection, so get out there, give it your best shot, give yourself grace, and if you need to, hit the delete button. You can practice going live and only broadcasting to yourself by hitting the “Only Me” option in your settings before you start.

Don’t share fluff.

This is a freebie...but is super important. There is nothing I hate more than when someone gets on live video or a podcast and shares fluff. Since you’re pre-planning your content, be sure that it is valuable and helpful to those watching. When you know you are sharing information that will truly help people, you will be a lot more confident about sharing it!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: you have got to utilize live video to grow your business in today’s online world. Yes, that’s scary. However, it is totally something you can do. Plan your content, adjust your expectations, bring a friend and offer value...over and over again. As you do, you will find your confidence levels slowly creeping up and will soon be rocking your live video broadcasts!

If you are interested in learning more cutting-edge strategies to effectively grow your business online, then my Business Mentorship Program is for you. There truly is no program that is of greater value than my Business Mentorship Program if you are looking to accelerate the growth of your business without losing your friends or your mind!

You Don't Need a Million Followers to Have a Million-Dollar Business

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 4.29.46 PM.png

There are literally thousands of strategies out there to help you grow your social media following, many of which you’ll pay a pretty penny to learn. However, while having a million followers sounds amazing, it doesn’t necessarily translate into a successful business. In fact, I know that you can grow your business in a significant way without having a million followers because I’ve done it. I have grown both my fitness and digital marketing and strategy business with only 16,000 Instagram followers. Here’s why:

I do not rely solely on Instagram (or Facebook) for interaction with potential clients. In fact, those platforms have become secondary to my affiliate program and micro-influencer outreach. If you have not begun to build an affiliate program or work with micro-influencers to increase your reach, then you simply will not see the kind of exponential growth needed to get your business to 7 figures.

Gone are the days when you can throw up some Instagram posts and get new clients. Today’s algorithms make it incredibly hard for your stuff to get seen. You’ve got to post more often and provide more value than ever before. So what should you focus on when it comes to your social media platforms?

Create engagement.

Even if you are just starting out, do what you can to create genuine engagement. Leave meaningful comments on other people’s Instagram feeds. Reach out to people and build actual relationships. Ask questions on your posts, tag others in your photos (in a legit way), and respond to those commenting. Algorithms love engagement, and so do real people. You will build a far more loyal following by being involved and engaged than you will by using spammy follow/unfollow tactics, I promise!

Attract the right kind of followers.

When posting to social media, you want to repel certain types of people and attract other types of people. This comes with knowing your avatar and speaking directly to that avatar in every post. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Engage with those who make the most sense for your business and who will gain the most benefit from your programs.

Create great content.

Great content will help you to build trust among your followers. If you do this in a genuine way, people will be more interested in buying from you because they know, like, and trust you. If you consistently give, providing truly helpful content that your ideal client needs, you will see your conversion rates skyrocket, even with only a few thousand followers.

You don’t need a million followers to make a million dollars.

But, you do need qualified leads for your programs, products and services to see your content. Once you’re able to make your first conversion, it is extremely important that you provide an incredible experience so that those first-time clients become willing affiliates who promote the heck out of you! If you can do this while utilizing the relationships you build with micro-infuencers, you’ll be a whole lot closer to seeing 7 figures in your bottom line, regardless of how many followers you have!

Are you trying to build a business, but need help with strategy, content, and systems? My Business Mentorship Program is designed for those looking to accelerate the growth of their business without losing their friends or their minds. This course will teach you all of the strategies you need to know to build your platforms in a non-spammy way. We will also dive deep into building an affiliate program that works, and I’ll teach you how to reach out to micro-influencers to leverage their platforms for your business. The next round of this workshop begins March 13th. I will only be taking a handful of clients because I give a lot of attention to each and every workshop client. And, after this round, the price will be increasing significantly. I promise the ROI on this program will be worth it: there is truly nothing out there that will provide more value. To find out if this program is a good fit for you, set up a 20 minute consult here. If you’re ready to up your game, but you need some help knowing exactly how to do that, this is the program for you. Don’t wait; book a consult now!

Client Spotlight: Tammy Stromme


Shortly after beginning to work with today’s client spotlight, Tammy Strome, I sent her a quick question about my own training. She responded with the most comprehensive, thoughtful, and scientific answer I could have imagined. I quickly realized that this lady was a true powerhouse in the fitness industry. Women like Tammy are the reason I am so passionate about helping qualified female entrepreneurs build their businesses. There are way too many 21 year old “life coaches” out there with no experience and no business of their own to give proof to their strategies. Instead, women like Tammy who truly know their stuff and are in business for more than just the money should be the ones out there booking clients.

Tammy has been in the fitness industry for years as a coach and is an IFBB pro. As a fitness transformation specialist, she works with women from a variety of backgrounds. Female competitors, competitors in transition, workaholics with hormonal imbalances, women suffering from overwhelm, perfectionists in pursuit of their ideal bodies and women seeking authenticity and freedom in their lives. Tammy’s approach is truly an inside out approach. She can undoubtedly shape a body, but does so in a way that optimizes hormonal balance and through a focus on mindset.

I’ve loved working with Tammy through my Elite mentorship program and look to her as a true expert in the fitness industry. Here’s what she had to say about working with my team:

“It's only been a short while but Amanda is helping me to gain great confidence in growing the online parts of my business. Her team creates amazing work and I love how she cares about helping me succeed!!”

You can follow Tammy on Instagram and Facebook where she regularly shares tons of value when it comes to hormones, fitness, mindset and overall wellness.

Tammy’s Body Bliss Programs are an incredible way to burn fat and get lean. She is also a part of the She Awakens Event and community. Tammy is helping women everywhere get lean, fit and strong from the inside out. She has tons of knowledge and experience and is truly an expert when it comes to helping women get results in a way that is healthy and sustainable!

Be sure to follow her and check out all that she has to offer. I promise, you will learn, grow and be encouraged!

Top Secrets for Success


Now that February is here and the newness of 2017 has worn off, it’s time for entrepreneurs to start digging in and focusing on growth. If you own your own business, and are looking to see growth this year, here are a few tips to accelerate your growth.

Create awesome content.

You need to regularly put out quality content that solves problems and prevents future pain points for your ideal client. You want those reading your content and looking at your social media posts to see you as an authentic authority on whatever it is do. This kind of content needs to be packed with value and information that people want to share with their friends and family. Whether it’s a blog post that gets pinned a thousand times, an Instagram workout that gets saved a thousand times, or a Facebook live video that gets viewed a thousand times, you will be building loyalty among your followers if you regularly provide them with content they want and need.

In addition to that, you want to create a kick-butt lead magnet that you can use as an opt-in offer for your email list. The content in your lead magnet needs to be so valuable that the only natural next step is for your subscribers to hire you. Even if you are working through a network marketing company, a valuable lead magnet will help you separate yourself from the thousands of other MLM-ers.

You can’t build a successful business behind your computer screen.

I’ve actually tried to do me, it doesn’t work. You’ve got to get to know people, you’ve got to network, you’ve got to get belly to belly with people. This means you need to go to events, get out in your community and pick up the phone. You may not feel like you have a ton of time to do this, but in today’s oversaturated online world, people are craving more. They want to work with a person; someone they know, like and trust. So, you’ve got to do more than just post to Instagram all day. If you are pressed on time, engage with micro-influencers and intentionally build genuine relationships with people who have a significant following. It is absolutely true that your net worth will be directly related to your network, so be sure to get out into the world and build some real relationships!

Do live video.

I am not going to belabor this point, because I talk about it all of the time, but live video allows your ideal clients to get to know you in a more authentic way. If you haven’t started using live video yet, do a test drive. Go ahead and do a broadcast using the privacy setting, “ONLY ME”. This allows you to practice without the pressure of live viewers. Once you get the hang of things, go ahead and make your broadcasts public. The algorithms will love you, you’ll get far greater engagement than with static posts, and you will build credibility and likeability with your ideal clients.

Do professional development everyday.

I truly believe that the greatest door opener in your life is professional development. Whether it's listening to a podcast or reading, doing professional development will keep you from getting stagnant in your career. It will help you better reach clients and better serve clients. It will inspire you, encourage you and help you shift your mindset. You don’t have to spend hours a day on this, but you do need to make it a priority if you want to see growth in your business this year.

Hire help for what you’re not good at.

I say this all of the time, you can either have growth or control, but you can’t have both. If you want to see your business truly take off, you’ve got to know what you are not good at, and hire out. This will give you time to focus on what you are good at, and serve your clients with more energy and focus. Through the Agency Side, we offer design, writing and strategy to entrepreneurs for the sole purpose of allowing our clients to focus on the things that are truly in their wheelhouse.

Simplify and Focus.

Most entrepreneur types have too many ideas floating around their minds. They quickly turn those ideas into streams of income and end up with way too many irons in the fire. If this is you, it’s time to take a few irons out of the fire and start to focus on just a few, solid revenue streams. If you don’t, you end up not doing anything with excellence. Not to mention, you will feel stretched thin and will confuse your ideal clients. Focus, go deep, and build what’s scalable or residual this year.  

Take Care of Yourself.

If you’re not healthy, it doesn’t matter how much money you’re making. If you’re not happy, who cares if you’re a millionaire. You’ve got to get enough sleep, eat clean and exercise, so that you have the energy to do all the things required of most entrepreneurs. Without a healthy you, the creative juices won’t flow as freely, and you won’t be nearly as productive. Be sure that your own health is a top priority in your life, or you will find yourself burned out and miserable, which is no way to run a successful business.

There is so much possibility for growth this year. Be sure to invest in yourself, hire out where you can, get out into the world and interact with real people, and create incredible content.

Having a Mindset of Success


One of the most common obstacles I come up against when working with clients through my business workshop and mentoring services is mindset. While most of the mindset stuff out there is junk, I absolutely believe in the power of mindset to either accelerate the growth of your business or completely tank it.

Mindset of Abundance

I’ve talked about this countless times before, so I won’t belabor the point too much here. If you are operating out of a scarcity mindset, you will always resort to sleazy, desperate tactics. You will be willing to quit before you even start, believing someone is already doing things better than you are, so why try? Beginning with a mindset of abundance opens up countless doors of opportunity, allows you to say no to clients who aren’t ideal and helps you create out of the true belief you have something to offer. There is absolutely enough for everyone to be successful. If you don’t believe that, you will undoubtedly become your own roadblock to success.

Mindset of Success

If success becomes what you expect every time you execute something, you will find yourself finding more and more of it. If mediocrity or “good enough” become your norm, you will find more and more of that.

As an entrepreneur, it is absolutely critical you face every situation, create every program, and walk into every new opportunity believing and expecting to find success. If success is your target, you will find yourself working harder and smarter. That kind of work will lead you to more success and the cycle of work/success will continue. On the other hand, when you allow mediocrity or “good enough” to be your target, you will work in such a way that gets you to “good enough.” Set your mind on excellence and you will get it; not because you spoke it into the universe, but because you are more likely to put your hard work and creativity behind it.

Mindset of Confidence

People don’t want to buy things from you if you aren’t 100% confident in what you’re selling. For some people this is a HUGE area of struggle, as they just don’t believe in their own abilities enough to position themselves as an expert. But, people can see through things quickly in today’s online world. If you can’t confidently speak about the benefits of your program, product or service, people will go to someone who can.

If you know you’ve created something amazing, do not be shy about sharing that in a completely confident way. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my FASTer Way to Fat Loss program is the best on the market...and I am not afraid to say that! If you are confident in what you’ve got, don’t worry about sounding arrogant, just be honest! If you aren’t confident about what you’re offering, then stop selling it and create something better!

Mindset of Control

Entrepreneurs don’t typically shy away from taking control of a situation. However, I regularly come across people who have countless excuses why something won’t work. Typically, those reasons have nothing to do with that person and everything to do with the circumstances: “the market isn’t right,”“the technology is too hard to master,” ”the public just doesn’t get it.”

The entrepreneurs who are truly successful are the ones who look at every situation and figure out what THEY can do to find success. The change always starts with them and how they can affect a positive outcome. If your mindset isn’t one of control, you will find yourself in a heap of excuses, waiting for some big break. Those who are truly successful create their own opportunities and execute with excellence to make the most of them.

Mindset isn’t just about throwing things out into the universe, waiting for the universe to get on your side. It is, however, all about walking into every situation with confidence and positivity, knowing whatever presents itself you have the ability to make something amazing out of it!

Looking for some encouragement along this entrepreneurial road? My Business Mentorship Program is the perfect place to learn cutting edge strategies in a group of like-minded women pursuing excellence, confidence and control. To find out if this program would be a good fit for you, set up a quick consult call. It’s free, so you’ve truly got nothing to lose!


Knowing Your Ideal Client

The foundation of marketing your online programs and services is intimately knowing your ideal client. Too often I meet with small business owners who build their products and services around their own ideas. They quickly grow frustrated with their inability to make sales and think better marketing will fix their problems. However, without knowing your ideal client well, you will always be missing the target.

When creating products, programs and services, you MUST forget about your own brilliant ideas and start to focus on your ideal client’s problems. If you are not solving their problems, or adding value to their lives, then people will simply not buy into what you are selling. So, in order to create things of value, you’ve got to know your ideal client.

Create your avatar.

An avatar is a representation of your ideal client. When creating your avatar, you want to get incredibly detailed and specific. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Kids or no-kids
  • Socio-economic status
  • Education Level
  • Profession
  • Where do they live?
  • What do they do for fun?
  • Where do they shop?
  • What are their three biggest struggles?
  • What types of books do they read?
  • What t.v. shows do they watch?

Don’t be afraid to get super detailed. Many people are afraid of getting too specific, because they don’t want to exclude people. But, if you are selling to everyone you are truly selling to no one. So, don’t worry about repelling certain types of clients; that will happen. Getting super specific will help you to attract the right kinds of clients, every time you sell.

Create for your avatar.

What you are passionate about is only important if it is going to help your ideal client. Once you know your ideal client intimately, you will be able to create services with that avatar in mind. As you do that, you will draw in more and more of your ideal clients because you are offering something they truly need. Don’t start with you and what you are good at, start with your ideal client and what they need most. Then, find the intersection of that need and your passion to create something that will truly help your ideal client add value to their lives.

Speak to your avatar.

While it is incredibly important that you find your own voice, it is also important that you speak your ideal client’s language. An ideal client who is a professional, working in some high-powered, corporate environment, is going to speak a slightly different language than a young, stay at home mother. While they may both be educated in a similar fashion, the language that will connect to their pain points will likely be different. In the fitness industry, you are going to use different language to connect with fitness pros training for competition than you would for those who are inactive and wanting to lose their first 50 pounds. Speaking in your voice is important, but speaking in your client’s language is equally important. Finding the perfect balance between the two will help you connect and convert your ideal client, every time!

An effective product and strategic marketing plan are absolutely necessary to make sales online. However, you truly cannot build an effective product and strategic marketing plan, without knowing exactly who you are building that plan for. So, if you don’t already have this written out with a significant amount of clarity and detail, jot down a few notes and create your ideal client’s avatar. Then, be sure to speak to that avatar every single time you make a social media post, send out an email, or write a blog. Doing so will connect you to the right people and keep you from spinning your wheels on the wrong type of client for your business

3 Intanginble Things All Entreprenuers Need To Succeed

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone more committed to learning and implementing cutting edge strategies to grow your business than I am. However, there are a few intangible characteristics that I believe are equally as important as using effective strategies. Pursuing progress in these areas is as important as learning those cutting edge strategies if you want to grow your business in a scalable, sustainable way.


Maintaining a Mindset of Abundance Instead of Scarcity

When you’re operating out of an abundance mindset you don’t look at competitors with the same kind of insecurity as when you’re looking at things through the lens of scarcity. A scarcity mindset leads to desperation and hopelessness. An abundance mindset leads to action because there is always enough for everyone, and there are always other opportunities. Scarcity causes you to hoard and compete, abundance causes you to give and create. If you want to grow your business without losing your friends or your mind, you’ve got to begin operating out of an abundance mindset.

Know your Strengths

Everyone is good at something and has something to offer the world. It’s so incredibly important you know your strengths as an entrepreneur. While there are seasons you’ll have to do everything on your own, you need to know what you are best at so you can focus your business around those things. You also need to be aware of your areas of weakness so you can hire the right people to help, once your business gets big enough. Knowing your strengths will allow you to simplify and focus on creating things in your wheelhouse: leading to better quality work.

Have Passion and Progress Towards Your Goals

If you’re not someone who sets goals they are passionate about, you’re going to struggle in the entrepreneurial life. You can’t set goals based on what everyone else is doing, which can be a real struggle in the online world. But you have to remember, just because something works for someone else, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. You have to choose your goals based on the things you’re passionate about. On the flip side, many entrepreneurs are passionate about something they aren’t seeing any progress towards. If you don’t see progress towards your goals after a significant amount of time and effort, it may be time to redirect or call it quits. Knowing where to set your target and when to throw in the towel on an idea, project or product are both critical to growing a successful business.

While these things may seem like innate abilities some people are just born with, everyone is able to grow in all three of these areas. Spend time doing personal and professional development every day. Surround yourself with other women who are like-minded and working toward similar goals. Cultivating these things in your life are just as critical as learning the newest strategies and should be given the same emphasis and priority as you move forward in all of your business endeavors.

Want to grow in these areas while learning strategies that will accelerate the growth of your business alongside a group of like-minded women? Let’s chat about whether my Business Accelerator Workshop would be a good fit for you. Sign up for your free consult here!